Let's find your motivation - Tara Hammett

Let’s find your motivation

In my Life Transformer and Six week body plan support groups this morning we were celebrating brilliant weight and inch loss from all the ladies involved.
That’s because these girls took action to join in, they made a little plan and did something for themselves each day.

Finding Your Own Motivation

Here’s my simple tool for you to do what you keep thinking and wishing and start taking some positive action.
Now let’s try and find your motivation.
I’ve shared this cheat sheet before.
You may have downloaded it,
You may not have
You may have used it for a week,
You may not have
You may have had a brilliant week where you felt pleased with yourself that you did something… then it may have slipped because you didn’t do it the next week.
I’m reminding you today about the tick sheet.
You can save it on your device or print it out and stick it on your fridge for motivation ad as a daily reminder. All you need to do is make the decision to do something this week instead of wishing and thinking. Making the decision and taking action is the ONLY difference between you and the success stories in my groups.

Your 1st Step

Right know I KNOW 100% so so so many will read this, then move on and do NOTHING.
  • You may read this and not even click on the link
  • You may read this and go ‘yeah I know I should but….’
  • You may read this and say ‘I will do it later’
  • You may read this and think ‘I’ve already downloaded it once’
^^^^ All of that will not get you the results.
I’m sure you ate healthy once…..it wasn’t a magic meal that would solve everything though. You’ve got to do it again.
I’m sure you exercised once….it wasn’t the secret workout that gave instant results. You’ve got to do it again.
I’m sure you thought positively once and felt a bit more confident an that you liked yourself. You’ve got to keep working on that.

Consistent action

That’s the key.
So I’m just reminding you again about the my free tick sheet.
  • Do something,
  • Find your motivation
  • Use your willpower
  • Be responsible for yourself
Here is the link to the free success principles cheat sheet
You can use my 5 steps tick sheet and make it a little easier to do something instead of doing nothing.
Tara xx
P.S I feel motivated now because I made a quick plan last night,
I got up at 5:30 when I didn’t want to, did a quick workout, had a healthy breakfast. I actually feel really┬ápleased with myself so I’m riding on the little high.
You can do the same too.
  • May 15, 2017