6 Week Body Plan - Tara Hammett

Want to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF?

About the 6 Week Body Plan

Many women feel out of control with their health.
So busy running around after everyone else, they put themselves on the bottom of the pile and struggle to stay consistent with their goals.
Weeks are started with the best intentions, but temptations become too hard to resist and emotional eating takes over.
The constant fight to lose weight and feel better leaves many feeling stressed, deflated and lacking belief that they’ll ever get what they want.

Until they try the Taransformer 6 Week Body Plan

Now it's time to feel in control and make it easy to lose weight, tone up, get back into the smaller clothes in the wardrobe and stay that way.

The Taransformer 6 Week Body Plan has been transforming so many who, for the first time, have found the formula to losing weight and enjoying the way they eat, drink and move.

W​hat you get in the 6 Week Body Plan

  • My PROVEN workout videos to help you Tone Up and Feel More Confident in only 12 minutes a day. You don't need to leave your house - and if you miss a day? It's fine! The workouts are suitable for ANY fitness level so if you’re a beginner or you’ve been exercising for a while – they’re the perfect workout for burning fat and getting you slimmer.
  • My entire collection of healthy recipes that are easy to make, fast, everyone will love them and you'll KNOW you're eating the right stuff (Because I've done all the thinking for you)
  • Shopping list and meal plans to make it so easy to get the right food at home and make the best most delicious meals to help you lose weight
  • SIMPLE tasks to do to help you save time and feel in control...you're already too busy! This is designed to make your lifestyle change EASIER
  • 24/7 Support from me and the rest of the team in the private group, so you never feel on your own and you will be motivated every day.

One of the biggest reason so many fail is because they try and do it on their own. It’s TOO EASY to give up on yourself that way. That’s why so many have transformed their body and life with daily accountability to stay motivated

The next 6 Week Body Plan Starts:

17 September


Still not sure if you’re ready?

Check out the stories from these incredible transformations.
These are women who have used every excuse in the past. Busy, tired, find it too hard, stressed, believe nothing works, can’t do it on their own.
When they decided it was time to drop the excuses and take action, they found their happiness and confidence.

Emma Stewart

I have loved so many parts of this programme, the girls I have met and the friendship we formed has been amazing. We are all in the same boat and they are always there for you when you need them. The support group is a fantastic way to stay motivated, ask any questions and get that extra bit of support, and of course getting the encouragement and praise is incredible and really helped me in my journey. But as well as the weight loss, I've been educated on the importance of eating healthy and exercising, while understanding that this is a life change, and you can enjoy yourself and 'live' throughout this programme. 100% recommend it to anyone

Maggie Firley

"I was Acutely ill with an inoperable, embolised Brain aneurysm last year.

My world stopped.

I had a stressful but rewarding 30 year career and ran marathons.
Now 50 and only the menopause to look forward to I followed the expect medical advice to rest and avoid stress, so I sat on the sofa eating crap and held a pity party in my head.

May 2017 by chance I watched a podcast by Tara Hammett and followed her online programmes. With the non judgmental, unconditional support from Tara and the amazing girls in the group I slowly came out from under my rock.
So many things I love about this programme. It’s fun, holistic approach, mind, body and soul.

2 stone 8lb and 35inches lost and I’ve gained so much.

I’m getting my confidence back and even did a Burlesque course resulting in a debut performance on stage. I only took a pair of gloves off but it was so empowering.

Medically I don’t know what the future holds. I still have symptoms of fatigue and occasional headaches but I believe that following the Taransformer lifestyle has literally saved my life."

Beth Lloyd Morgan

" I used to think you couldn't have a life and be thin!

I Always suffered with my weight up one year down the next, was 9st 4 in 2012 when I got married and that was a result of herbal life milkshakes and a lot n lot of running.
I was on average running 3 sometimes 4 days a week a minimum of 3 miles, did a few 10ks and 2 half marathons. Then I injured my calf and kinda lost the running bug.

Slowly over the years the weight crept on and I didn't realise how much to be honest I was just
"enjoying life "
I knew I had gained weight but figured this is me and this is how I'm meant to be. I was also of the opinion that life was to short to be miserable and dieting so continued to eat and drink whatever I wanted when ever I wanted.
It was only when I saw those photos from my friends wedding in June of 2016 that I realised how big I'd got!
So that was it. I decided a diet was called for, cut everything out and started running again! This only lasted about 4 weeks before once again calf popped and I had to hobble home, so that was it had no idea what to do other than cut out everything and diet. Lost a few pounds I think but was refusing to weigh because I was scared of what the scales would say.
Plus I was annoyed that my 40th birthday was only 6 months away and we had a group holiday to Ibiza coming up in the September that I had to do something I didn't want to be fat at forty.

Then I saw Tara's detox programme and thought it was worth a try, be a nice kick start to something.

After an 8lb loss on detox week I could not believe it and thought in a for a penny try 21 day and that was it. I was hooked.

I feel fitter than ever, more energy and have totally changed my body shape. I weigh slightly more now than I did get to on my 40th but my stats are the same if not smaller in parts. However I'm not really focusing on weight as I feel it in my clothes. I really just want to lose the excess wobble, which I can see going.
My husband comments on how my body shape has changed, and even when I've weighed this amount before it's been shapeless ( if that's the right way to describe it ) I've got a more defined woman's shape - a narrower waist etc.
I love the fact that now I don't even think twice about food and even treats, yes I do indulge and some weeks more than others but I now know how to rein it in.
It is a lifestyle, I'm not on a diet I'm looking after myself.
In fact quantity wise I'm eating more food than I used to, my working day used to be picking whatever and when ever, sometimes nothing all day an then petrol station sandwiches on the way home as I was starved then Followed by a meal. Plus we had go into a habit of drinking at home about 5 nights a week, now it's the odd day here n there, and it's not such a big deal anymore. Which is also why I think I have more energy in the day.
Plus I totally love the little community we have in the group, I find even if all I do is post some pics I've been accountable for my self. Sharing of recipes and pics inspires us all I think to explore other meals and ideas - I love it "


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