Last Day For Your Freebies - Tara Hammett

Last Day For Your Freebies

….Yep, final chance.

You can get your hands on all 4 of my recipe eBooks FREE along
with the BRAND NEW Book Number 5 TODAY.

4 Free eBooks PLUS the new one 

Tomorrow…the offer stops.

But that is all that stops.

Once you’ve got your hands on my books, I’m going to be encouraging you do
do the work to eat healthier.

It’s all very good having all 5 books downloaded onto your smart phone or ipad,
but what are you going to do with all those recipes.

Look at them, decide which one looks like your fave and hope the pounds drop off?

Or will you make them, like Vicky has been.

She started off with the Feta & Tomato muffins for breakfast – YUM
She’s made Ice-Cream and
Prawn & Pomegranate Salad.

Lisa has had poached egg & asparagus and one of my faves…Burrito Stuffed Peppers.

Sharon has enjoyed the cajun spiced eggs.

All yum.

The good thing about all these meals is that it takes
the thinking out of everything for you.

During the webinar last night I talked about the main things you should think about when making food and how to sty on track and maintain weight loss.

So here’s a few of those tips for you:

#1 Start with a good shop! Fill your trolley with PLENTY of food like chicken, turkey mince,
chicken or turkey sausages, salmon, cheese, yoghurt, fruit & veg, nuts, humus, oats
(Challenge yourself to a shop with NO treats or goodies)

#2 Prep….Get  your chicken & salmon in the oven, get your mince in a big pan, make curries in a slow cooker, get your veggies in a steamer and pop a bit of TV on whilst the cooking looks after itself for a bit (or do a 12 min HIIT)

#3  Take plenty of snacks where you go. Keep your energy up and protect yourself from getting too hungry then caving at anything and everything in sight.

#4 CAUGHT OUT! Avoid meal deals and go to different aisles….veg batons, pre-cooked meats & nuts are perfect for an emergency.

#5 Be ACCOUNTABLE: Get my books and enjoy trying new meals like some of the girls are doing. You can post photos in the Taransformer group and get motivated to lose weight.

Grab your copies HERE

Friday is always a good day to think a little bit about being healthier,
don’t let another weekend of the wrong choices STOP you getting what you want.

Make your decisions on your commitment to your goals, not your feelings.

Tara xxxx

P.S In the webinar last night? Check out your inbox later 😉 xx

  • September 30, 2016