Want GRANOLA & PANCAKES for Brekkie and STILL lose those pounds?

Fancy BURGERS & FRIES whilst watching those inches disappear?

Carbonara, Pizza & Curry for Dinner which EVERYONE at home will love, whilst you DO NOT feel guilty?

And what If I said you could STILL have Peanut Butter Brownies, Ice Cream and Flapjacks??


The LATEST TARAnsformer Recipe Book That Will Give You Even More Gorgeous Meals You Can Eat And STILL LOSE WEIGHT

Choose from mouth watering meals & snacks like

* Mushroom & Avocado Protein Stacks

* Melting Middle Thai Burgers

* Meatballs and Burrito's

* Cookie Dough Chocolate Cups

Plus muffins, wraps, chunky stews, casseroles, bread, scones PLUS MUCH MORE ......

So many to choose from so you NEVER have to be confused by what is best to eat to help you towards your weight loss and health goals.

These recipes are FAST, CHEAP, Taste AMAZE and EVERYONE will love eating them xx

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