"Just make me a plan with chocolate every day!" - Tara Hammett

“Just make me a plan with chocolate every day!”

Here’s some of the chocolate based convo’s I’ve had over the last week.
” When I get chocolate, I can’t control myself. I ate a whole multi-pack of Kit Kats and Blue Riband’s in one go. I felt terrible after”
” I bought a load of mini Crunchies, convincing myself I’d only eat 2 a day. I ate two then went back and ate 4 more. I’m not buying them again!”
” Tar, If I can just have something sweet everyday I’ll be fine. As soon as I’ve had my dinner I can’t stop thinking about chocolate until I’ve had it. I’m happy then”
I totally get this!
I made myself a chocolate nut protein mug cake to help me with my cravings and having some chocolate is absolutely fine.
We all  get cravings right.
Maybe for different things, but it is always going to be difficult to overcome these cravings with pure Willpower. And lets face it, in life we all get those stressful, F**k it moments where we turn to whatever is ‘naughty’ and indulgent to help us through the moment (or whole weekend)
With all the best intentions in the world…we all cave.
It’s natural.
If you want long term success in weight loss and body change, it will mean learning to work on controlling hunger and cravings. You need to eat plenty of the right food (not meal replacement, non-eating plans where you OBSESS over food all day long) and accept that you can have a little of what you enjoy and not feel guilty.
Just focus on the BLISS of enjoying what you want, whilst working on getting what you want.
One thing that we crave A LOT and can actually be so good for us is chocolate.
Cocoa can combat cravings, reduce hunger and set off some wonderful brain hormones that make you feel happy, and content. This is brain food BLISS.
What I am referring to is cocoa, real cocoa and you can easily enjoy this mixed in with foods or simply added to a mug with hot water or coconut milk for a creamy, hot, hug in a mug.
Sometimes though, its that creamy milk chocolate we crave. The mixture of cocoa, sugar and fat…MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm
So last night I did some planning and I’ve come up with it.
The Week long meal plan where you can have chocolate every day!!
Yep, I’ve planned out what you’ll have for:
Brekkie (some sweet and some savoury)
Lunch (all batch cooked the day before to save you time)
Dinner (hot, comforting, real meals that make you full and happy)
Your daily chocolate fix!!!
So there’s a few rules about this chocolate.
#1 Have what I say. I’m going to recommend a multi pack of what I’ve got planned. If you can cope with having it all in the house….you JUST have what I recommend each day.
This way you can enjoy your daily chocolate fix GUILT FREE and safe in the knowledge you’re still on your weight loss mission.
#2 Whatever you do with your chocolate….savour it!! OMG, lick it, suck it, eat it, look at it, enjoy every mouthful and let that choccy buzz flow through you.
#3 For me…..keep it in the fridge and enjoy it chilled, then let it melt in your mouth. I suggest you do the same.
OMG, creamy, chocolatey, guilt free pleasure!
This plan is ready and waiting in the 21 day programme.
Many of the girls are already excited:
Nadia, Louise, Leah, Gemma, Natalie, Alison…..well done to all the girls already taking action on starting & continuing with the mission.
You joining in?
NOW is the time to join as today I’ll be chatting with all the girls about what to do to have the best start and they’ll be doing a few tasks.
Measuring where they are now to compare to the brilliant comparision in 21 days time.
What would your goal be for 21 days?
An inch or two from your waist?
Get into that tight outfit?
Feel like you’ve got a flatter stomach?
Set the goal today and let me help you get it!
Tara xx
  • September 23, 2017