It's NOT the best day today - Tara Hammett

It’s NOT the best day today

Or is it?
One of the girls that’s been
a TARAnsformer for a while got in touch with me.
She’d lost all control.
She wanted to get her CONTROL BACK.
She’d joined my inner circle,
but decided she needed to cancel a month ago.
So she did.
Then all control went.
Bad habits with food.
Bad habits with exercise
Regularly getting into
a dark hole with negative thoughts and beliefs.
She had two options.
Be proactive and get control over her lifestyle again
be reactive.
When you put yourself in a place of inaction you deal
with the consequences by default.
You get what you’re given
and plod along in comfort zones.
Nothing happens until you move.
You wait for something
or someone to act on you.
But guess who the only person is that
will get the results for you.
So many choose to live with existing conditions
and avoid change.
Many people stubbornly resist change,
particularly change with requires a bit of time
or doing something different.
You’ll come up with EXCUSES to justify why
you aren’t able to take action JUST YET.
And most of the time
‘The time is not quite right’
I’ve got a party
A holiday
Working away
Doing some DIY
Whatever it is….EXCUSE
You think you’re going to get to
a point in your life where you
don’t have anything coming up?
and THEN will be the right time?
You’ll never be in a position where
everything is perfect for you to
start to make the change.
You may think
Today is NOT the best day….
In truth.
The best day to take action is TODAY.
You can begin to pick up the pieces
and start a new life right now.
The good news for the TARAnsformer.
She took action.
She messaged me and after
some Tara Talk, she saw the light again.
In no time at all, she’s back in
the inner circle.
Will be back in control from today.
She’s ready to put in the work.
We all have moments where we fall
off the wagon, but there’s always an option
to get back on.
Yes, sometimes it is hard BUT
the fact that the most worthwhile objectives are hard, gives them their value.
EVERYTHING worst accomplishing is hard.
If you’re waiting for everything to
be right before taking action….
You’ll be waiting for the rest of your life.
Don’t fear change,
it’s one of the most exciting things you can face.
Today could be YOUR best day to
join me and make the change with my
Be proactive and join in.
Maybe today really is the best day!
Keep Fit & Fab
Tara xx
P.S Everyone already in my INNER CIRCLE….
Get in!!
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