I'm Dangerous and Irresponsible - Tara Hammett

I’m Dangerous and Irresponsible

That’s what I was called yesterday.
Apparently, the before and after photo
that I shared of Rachel Stanley on my Facebook
meant I was a liar!
“Stop Lying! This is hard work,
no one will change like that in 21 days! 
You are irresponsible and what you do is dangerous!”
I very much value this persons opinion.
Everyone has one, but it’s always good to know that facts
before you accuse someone of being a liar.
Am I lying?
Nope! Neither is Rachel.
Her results have been INCREDIBLE and
she is continuing to make
progress and loving it.
(Luckily, I banned and deleted the comment before
the TARAnsformers responded…they do however
know this persons name as I screen shot it and showed the team – why not hey!)
Did I say it wasn’t hard work?
It is.
You’ve got to break habits,
dig in,
overcome obstacles,
pick yourself up when you feel like caving
Get support from the rest or the team.
Everything you’ve ever wanted is outside of 
your comfort zone.
But it’s worth it, and it gets easier.
Can people change like that in 21 days?
Yep…ask Rachel!
She took the before photo with the date
and the after photo with the date.
Not airbrushed or altered.
Am I irresponsible and dangerous??
Yep – my friends would say so sometimes.
I’m a bloody menace and never know what I’m gonna
get up to next.
But when it comes to dealing with peoples health and lives?
I’ve spent years working with people from all over the place
improving their fitness, health, confidence, energy, outlook on life.
Whether they have just watched my videos or invested in my programmes.
I’m very proud of what I’ve helped so many TARAnsformers achieve.
Am I bothered by the comment?
Absolutely NOT.
I’m grateful.
It’s given me some great lessons for today’s email.
Firstly, don’t ever let anybody try and tear you down.
ESPECIALLY when the person has no idea what they are talking about.
If people are talking about you….then you’re probably doing something right,
and they are so miserable with their own lifestyles that they have to interfere with other
peoples business.
Life is like a mirror image reflecting back at you.
What some project is often their insecurities
coming back.
Thanks for the compliment babes!!
The 21 day programme is that good the results may seem unbelievable.
So….if you want results that are SO GOOD that some may call you
A LIAR from the results of:
12 minute workouts
Eating LOADS of real food
Meeting a support team of people JUST LIKE YOU
Join me and the team NOW
Kinda feel a bit smug now, maybe
a negative does make a positive.
Gotta look on the bright side of everything see 😉
Keep Fit & Fab
Tara xx
P.S I was talking with my mermaid friends about being called a liar,
they couldn’t believe it. As if I’d make things up!
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be in with a chance to win yourself a fully grown unicorn 😉
#bumsonfire ha xxx

Tara Hammett