I.LOVE.TO.EAT - Tara Hammett



Are you one of these people…..

“I really want to lose weight, but I just love my food too much!”

Guess what!?!?

It’s just an excuse.

So many of us LOVE to eat. The problem is there’s just SO MANY GOODIES out there.

Sometimes there’s NOT ENOUGH TIME to prep
Sometimes you grab things on the go and everything is HIGH CARB & Processed.
Sometimes you’re out and about and FANCY some choccie

You’re constantly struggling between being good and not being bad.

But what if you could have whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted.

You kinda don’t obsess about it so much.

No more restriction
No more desiring what you ‘can’t’ have
No more guilt when you do have it.

Don’t you just hate those people who eat what they want and still look good.

You can too.

Do you know someone that loves to eat and is still in shape?

If you want it enough, you can do it too.

Maybe you love TO DRINK
Maybe you love TO LIE ON THE SOFA


So do I and many people I know, so what if you could HAVE IT ALL?

The Body
The Food
The Drink
The Chocolate
The lying on the sofa

It can be done when you DO what you know you should do.

This weekend in the Taransformer group we had some NEWBIES.

Hello Sianne, Rhian, Gaynor << Nice Thai Burgers BTW xx

They joined in with the free group,
They joine the free 7 days of habits challenge and have just got their hands on
4 of my recipe books for FREE

Have you had yours yet?

With over 300 recipes these ladies, along with the other Tarasnformers that are
working on losing weight, are getting creative and excited about being in LOVE with food, loving EATING and are going to LOVE a lifestyle that makes losing weight easy.

Why is this way easier?

– I’ll only recommend food you can buy in your fave supermarket
– I’ve created these recipes so you don’t have to think about if it’s healthy or not.
– There’s food like carbonara, lasagne, curry, Chinese, chocolate, bread…..
– You will NOT be on a DIET << FACT!!!!

So how do YOU lose weight now:

#1 CLICK HERE <<< The 4 free books are there.

#2 Look through the recipes and choose 3-4 you’re going to make

#3 Eat them and LOVE them

#4 Get those pounds and inches off

Don’t waste this opportunity.

As I’ve said to the ladies in the groups…..I’m only doing this for a limited time.

You’ve got until midnight on 30th September.

That’s 4 DAYS ONLY!!

Heres the link for you again


Tara xx

P.S Make sure you open my next email….I’m doing a FREE Webinar on Thursday!!

Be There


Tara Hammett