How much weight / inches did you lose last week? - Tara Hammett

How much weight / inches did you lose last week?

Did you have a loss?

Feel a bit more toned this week because you
worked hard on yourself?


Are you one of ‘those’ that reads my emails
and thinks…..wish I did something??

Well let me tell you briefly about some
that did something…


“Been non stop this morning
I weighed lost 5.5lb I’m buzzing. Going do measurements tonite xx”

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“Right I don’t have measurements but
I’ve weighed and I’ve lost 8lb!!! I can’t believe it!! ????????????????”


“-6 inches 2 off waist 1 off everywhere else. -4 lbs happy happy happy xx”


“-9 ibs off weight!
Just under – 3 inches off all over:
1 inch off waist
.2 inches off arm and navel
1 inch off thigh
.5 inch off hips
Very happy with that ????????????????”
I could go on….

These guys have done brilliant and
all by adding a few simple steps into their day.

We’re only 1 week in to the 21 day programme,
bring on the next 2 weeks.

So how do we get you started?

I can’t make it any simpler for you….

#1 Eat AMAZING food
#2 Workout for 12 mins with me
#3 Get support
#4 Do the work.
Which bit do you find the hardest though?

Email me back and tell me which number
(or is it all of them), that you just cannot do.

This email was to let you know what YOU could
be achieving if you did something TODAY.

Next up I’m sending you the link to my Podcast,
Keep your eyes peeled for that and have a listen.

I do hope I can inspire you today

Tara xxx
P.S << all your body goal

answers are there xx
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