Hi - Tara Hammett


Remember me?
I’ve been MIA with these emails haven’t I
Well it was a case of not arguing with reality,
I’ve been without Wifi, Moving home,
At a gorgeous family wedding
(I’ll post piccys on FB later) and trying
to juggle everything else.
Back in the game today…
And with plenty to say.
Did you see my posts on Facebook yesterday?
I’ve been on a brilliant tour of the schools near me.
Thursday I was with the children, teachers and parents of
Terrace Road (after only 12 mins of exercise,
One of the teachers has only now stopped aching)
And yesterday I was at the comprehensive school
I attended.
I’m so excited to be going back there in the Summer Term
With an assembly and a few workshops to help inspire the
Pupils and teachers about a healthy lifestyle.
I remember when I was at school there would always be a few of
The girls (and boys) who HATED P.E.
Looking for every excuse to get out of it and
Faking notes for the teacher.
This can be one of the most daunting classes
Of the week for some.
Research has shown that OVER HALF of girls are put off
By physical activity by their experiences in school sport and P.E
And 45% say it’s too competitive.
With people getting unhealthier this is alarming.
Children need to be inspired to WANT to live a happier
healthier lifestyle and I’m confident that by sharing the
message in a fun and alternative way, we can inspire a load more healthier, confident children.
During my workshops I’m going to be showing the children that
Just 12 mins of exercise,
at home,
away from anyone to see,
with no competition can get you fitter and healthier
and BOOST self esteem
(Not just children – you can too.
Try 12mins for yourself just HERE)
I’m going to show that healthier choices with food, snacks and
Drinks can taste awesome and help you
Feel full of energy
(Burgers, melts, wraps, pancakes)
I’m also going to share my tips and advice on
How to be more CONFIDENT,
How to BELIEVE in yourself more
And how to ACHIEVE what you want.
I told the teachers I wished something
Like this was done when I was in school, especially the
mindset and personal development advice.
We can do anything we put our minds to,
we just need the guidance and support.
What are you doing to get what you want?
I know a few who have reached out
To me have been feeling a little flat recently….
Dedicate just 12mins to some exercise
Dedicate just a few thoughts to choosing healthier food
Dedicate just a few moments to spare some time with a loved one.
Dedicate some time for YOU.
And if you’re stuck for food ideas….
Keep fit & fab
Tara ‘back in the game’ Hammett
P.S Got a burning question for me? Email me back xx
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  • March 22, 2016