Here come the girls! - Tara Hammett

Here come the girls!

Recognise any faces?
Here’ they are
Some of the girls ready to take action and completely motivated, excited (and were a little nervous)
last night.
Yesterday was Day 1 of the Life Taransformer 11 programme.
We’ve got 12 weeks together sharing a journey of change and
Yes – there’ll be exercise, but it will be quick, enjoyable and get results
Yes – there will be changes to food and stopping eating so much naughties, but they will eat meal that they enjoy AND plenty of it. Quite a few of us like large plates of food!
Yes – there will be some work on mindset. Right now, many of the girls don’t quite believe in themselves.
They’ve done so many ‘diets’
Toyed with joining the Life Taransformer before but just watched others instead
Started and given up
Got so far and caved
This time….they’re doing what they’ve seen so many have huge success with and it’s their turn.
These girls are just like so many
Tried everything
Need to change
They don’t want to spend another Summer hiding
They want to feel calmer and happier with less stress from feeling like a failure.
They want to stop over thinking what they need to do, which STOPS them doing anything
They’ve been feeling up and down and want to get out of the rut
Some have done the programme before and need to support to keep them going.
Some have got such fabulous social lives, they need a bit of help making the right decisions each weekend whilst still enjoying.
I think we all understand the “Good in the week, but then the weekend happens!’ feeling
So this week they are kickstarting on the Detox week which started yesterday, ready to move on to the 21 day programme.
This is where you can join in.
You can be just like the Life Taransformer girls and join them for 3 weeks with the 21 Day Taransformation programme.
We start on Monday and you can confirm your place now and get ready for epic change.
In the last programme Gemma lost 6.5lbs and 13 inches
Maggie lost 6lbs and 4 inches from her waist alone
Karen lost 5 inches
Jordain lost7lbs and 14inches
(All four of these are also carrying on the journey with the next 21 day programme……on to the next goals.
They’ve made the start and are on a roll.
Roll with us too and get started
See you with some motivation!
Tara xx
P.S…Do you have any products in your cupboardsĀ that you’re NOT using i.e Herbalife, Juice Plus etc????? let me know xxx
  • May 2, 2017