Good News! - Tara Hammett

Good News!

There’s more on the way!
The latest Life TARAnsformer 90 day challenge
has opened and we’re getting ready
Amongst the team are Dan & Laura.
We met at the Seminar on Wednesday.
Dan took action
He put his hand up when I asked the audience to.
I asked him up on the stage
And he told EVERYONE there what he wanted.
What he’d LOVE to change in his life.
All things that are in his control to improve.
Not easy to do.
Put on the spot and telling over 100 people that he didn’t know, things he’s
probably only ever kept to himself.
So I rewarded him with some goodies.
But Dan didn’t stop there.
Dan and his gorgeous wife Laura are ready.
They’ve decided they do NOT want to continue with the
body, mindset and lifestyle they are living with at the moment.
They’ve decided the do NOT want to continue feeling miserable about
their health & energy levels.
They’ve decided they ARE going to step up and do what
they know they should have done a long time ago.
I’m DELIGHTED to be helping them.
90 days with me and a limited group of action takers.
How amazing…..doing it together.
Change isn’t easy – but they’ll have each others support at home.
They’re gonna get fitter together.
Eat amazing food together
Spend more quality time together
Do more stuff with the children.
Real Life Relationship Goals.
I’m so excited to see what they achieve over the next 90 days.
Would you LOVE to be excited today about
your future being one with that body you dream of?
Well…you could start.
The guys in the 90 day challenge that starts on Tuesday, don’t know this yet…
but i’m going to add them to my 7 day Detox Week Programme.
Give them an even better kick start.
And the good news is….
You could be in there with them!
The group is open
The shopping list is there
The prep is starting and there’s going to be even more weight loss.
Are you ready?
Remember…you’ve got a 97% better chance of getting
what you want if you get help & support than
if you try and do it on your own.
Join me, Dan, Laura & the team now.
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S Some are starting today. There’s an epic curry recipe in the
detox week – so you can still enjoy your weekend with food that is DELISH x
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  • January 30, 2016