Get this person OUT OF YOUR WAY!! - Tara Hammett

Get this person OUT OF YOUR WAY!!

Have you ever wondered how some of the people
I mention in my emails seem to accomplish
(Check out how AMAZING Gareth has done in
the piccy of his transformation comment on Facebook)
Whilst others (You maybe?) NEVER
accomplish what they want?
If you have a little think now,
how your your life could CHANGE if each and
every day you performed to your full potential?
What would be different in a few weeks
A few months
or a year from now if each day you were at your best?
It’s like we have two lives.
The one we’re living and the ones we could be living.
The one we could be living is the
one we should be working on.
It’s the life that is there
deep inside us, but it isn’t driven
by the habits we actually have where we settle
or give in to procrastination.
We give in to doubt
We give in to fear.
Today you could start on being the
OPTIMAL version of you.
The best you
The confident you
The healthy you
The you who shows up with
your best stuff, making things happen,
making a difference,
living a life of significance.
Being THE BEST YOU sounds great doesn’t it.
But HOW do you become that other you?
What does it TAKE to be your best?
It’s quite simple what you have to do,
although…that doesn’t mean it’s easy.
The thing holding you back is NOT a lack of knowledge.
You know you should eat better and exercise right?
The thing holding you back is NOT a new idea
The thing holding you back is NOT luck, or connecting with
even more new people.
Of course, all of this certainly helps HOWEVER
you can have all the knowledge in the world.
But that does not equate to POWER unless you implement it.
You can have workout plans and meal plans and business plans
or any plans, but what it all boils down to
The thing stopping you from being your greatest self is
you and consistent action.
You may be one of those that does eat good,
exercise regularly and do well most of the time.
But do you do it consistently?
And do you drink too much and make the wrong choices
with food every weekend too?
Still sabotaging your goals.
Like I said, getting what you want is not a knowledge problem,
it’s an action problem.
It’s not what you know;
it’s not who you know;
it’s what you implement that counts!
The TARAnsformers on the detox programme right now
Are doing just that.
Consistent execution and they’re achieving results.
But that could be YOU this time!
On Monday I start the 21 day Weight Loss Challenge
The chance for you and me to spend 3 weeks together
working on becoming the BEST you.
The kickstart you may need to fiind
Take action today to be that person
that’s inside you.
Keep Fit & Fab
Tara xx
P.S Tomorrow I’ll share the interview with Gareth. I really hope some of what he says
Inspires you xx

Tara Hammett