Get out of your own way! - Tara Hammett

Get out of your own way!

Ever thought that life is full of Bull S***

Ever thought that it may be you?

Here’s where I’m going with this.

The other day one of the TARAnsformers

put a short video in the Detox group.

It resonated with so many of the team.

She was having a bit of a tough time.

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Life wasn’t going exactly how she wanted it.

YES, she has a loving hubby, gorgeous children,

great home, works hard at her job,

fitter and healthier than ever.


Some obstacles were thrown her way.

“I’m sick of this, nothing ever goes

the way I was planning it. Just when I feel things

are looking better, something comes along.

Why always me, now should be

my time. Life is such B.S some times”

Loads of the team commented on

the video.

They felt the same so often.

Negative story telling.

How often do YOU do that?

Life isn’t fair

All the bad things happen to YOU

Everyone else has it NAILED

Get out of your own way!

Sometimes life isn’t easy,

this is the same for everyone,

but how you think and react to

every situation is completely in your control.

No matter what it is.

There is a lesson in everything, and

your thoughts and actions to a situation

are completely in your control.

I replied in the group with a video myself.

Even though many join the detox programme

to detox with food so they can lose

weight and get healthier.

We also focus on our thoughts.

Negative, sabotaging thoughts

are also toxic to us.

Toxic to our energy, our feelings,

our outlook on life,

how we relate with others,

how we love ourselves.

Stop with the excuses of

why you don’t get what you want

especially when it comes to your body goals.

So many know what to do but don’t do it.

You can read this email now

and be telling yourself every reason for why

life isn’t easy for you.

Why is it so much HARDER for

you to lose weight than everyone else?

Why is it so much harder for

you to think more positively compared

to others?

Here’s the truth

(can hurt sometimes)

Ever thought you’re full of it?

You’re the reason why you don’t get there.

You read my emails and posts and

do NOTHING about it.

Instead of eating the healthy

meals you know you should….you

still choose the junk that keeps you where you are right now.

Instead of doing the quick HIIT workouts

I recommend…you still bail off and say you were TOO BUSY

Instead of chatting with someone, getting help or support…

you still tell yourself lies and try to go at it on your own.

one thing is TOTALLY RIGHT, life

is NOT easy…for anyone.

That’s why we ALL need help, support,

friends, someone to talk to.

But are you going to be pro active and

create your life the way you want it


are you just going to let things go by and

react to what happens and get what you’re given?

The detoxers took action and joined

the 7 day programme…..we’re already at

the end of the programme and

they have done FANTASTIC.

Many are continuing with the support

because life and body change will NOT

be nailed in 7 days…..but the next 21 days

will help to keep them on track.

Continuing on their journey to get what

they want and being successful in achieving

their goals.

You can join in now – we’re getting ready today

and kick off tomorrow


You can choose not to.

Before I finish this email today, I want you

to think.

If you’re reading this right now and you

DESPERATELY WANT to like your body more

You DESPERATELY WANT to lose weight

You REALLY REALLY want to be happier

BUT you don’t do anything…because you think about


Will you like it

What if it’s hard

Maybe, just maybe you’re full of excuses still

and need to get out of your own way.

How much do you want it?

Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
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