Flippin 'Eck - Tara Hammett

Flippin ‘Eck

Well I wasn’t expecting that!!
2 things actually…
Firstly, the webinar I’m doing Sunday evening.
I can’t believe how many of you have already registered,
So i’m gonna keep it quick.
I can only hold 100 people
on this, so don’t miss out.
Make sure you register now and if you
know anyone that would be in need of some
help and may have been too shy to come to
my event or even too embarrassed and unconfident
to reach out to me.
This is the perfect way of getting help.
You’ll hear everything
You’ll get inspired
You’ll get motivated and
You’ll be in your house in your comfy clothes……if you want.
^^ Just register there NOW ^^



Who’s Dan??

This time last week I chose Dan Garnell

to get up on the stage with me.

He quite possibly didn’t want to do it as it

would have been a bit daunting and uncomfortable…but he did.

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He shared with the audience the things he wanted to change about himself.

His Fitness,
His Health,
His Happiness.

Like many in the room he wanted to change.

Some of the room took action and

got support from me and their family & friends – they are now getting nearer to their goals.

Some didn’t take action.

Chances are they’re in the same place.


Dan said he wanted it
Dan took action

I REPEAT…..Since getting on that stage, 

Dan has lost 9LBS!!

How different are you from 7 days ago?

If you don’t do the work you will not get the results.

End of.

Where will you be in 7 days time?

Get help and support

the 90 day programme Dan is in has already started,

so you’ve missed that one.


My 21 day programme starts on Monday and

you can secure your spot now


This is exaclty what the guys in my 90 day challenge and

the 7 day detox are learning.

When they’re accountable they get the results.

They feel motivated and they do it


Keep fit & fab

Tara xx
P.S Share this with anyone you know who may need a little help and
a kick up the butt. The webinar is totally FREE 😉 xx

Tara Hammett