Feel a fat pig and not motivated - Tara Hammett

Feel a fat pig and not motivated

No names mentioned, but
this is just one of the inboxes I received yesterday.
“I have to sign up, I
need to lose a stone. I hope 
I can stick to it, I feel a fat pig and
not motivated”
How are you feeling about your weight and your
body today?
Is it bringing you down and making you
feel depressed?
If you have weight you want to lose
you have to take action and do something.
Like Rhi did when she messaged me yesterday

“Thank you Tara.

I am one of those email readers that read and

still don’t take accountability!

Result = half a stone on in not a lot of weeks!!

Too busy blaming university stress and eating things I know I shouldn’t!!

I am going to try one of your Facebook live workouts

this week rather than just seeing it flash up on the newsfeed and

thinking oh I’ll do it later.

Replying so that I will finally take accountability and join in!

Small steps but in the right direction!

Have a nice day.

Rhi ????”

I love it when someone messages me,
the light bulb moment starts then and the
accountability goes up.
I emailed Rhi back today and asked her what she’s
doing to TODAY to make sure she STARTS NOW
to get that half a stone off.
(She’s been for a big walk and
gonna have a healthy lunch – TARAnsformer style)
The first steps have started.
You HAVE to do something to make the difference TODAY.
I know it’s a bank holiday weekend here in the UK and
many will be out and about chilling, eating, drinking, spending time with friends &
family and NOT IN WORK, but
are you going to enjoy and feel proud and happy
or make all the wrong decisions, BECAUSE
it’s a ‘BANK HOLIDAY’ and eat and drink too
much of the wrong stuff?
Maybe adding another 1-2lbs to the weight you already don’t want,
then taking drastic measures on Tuesday to try an dose
what you’ve added on.
But then you run out of time to
lose anymore, because Friday comes again and
because it’s Friday and all that.
See the viscous cycle. 😉
I’m the viscous cycle breaker.
Taking the first step and
clicking on THIS LINK
So…like I’ll be keeping an eye on Rhi,
making sure she gets that half a stone off.
Would you kinda like it if I was watching you
and helping you get those pounds off?
Let’s do it!
Let’s get a little bit excited that you’re going to be doing
something for you, so you feel amazing.
Let’s see the visible difference in your before and
after photos.
Be like the other TARAnsformers,
TARAnsformers are smart!
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.SSee my bruch this morning?
My mini banquet with my man?
This is the type of food & meal I’d be encouraging you to eat in the programme.
No Guilt, Just Awesomeness!
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  • May 29, 2016