How Emma lost 10.5 inches in a month - Tara Hammett

How Emma lost 10.5 inches in a month

Before I tell you the big secret of how Emma lost 10.5 inches in a month…
Yesterday when I emailed asking what you want help with the most, I had so many responses, and I’m still replying!
There’s a link between what the majority of people said they need help with and
what Emma has done.
So many people ‘Stop-Start-Stop’ with the diet and let every excuse under the sun stop them from
getting what they want.
Here’s some of the responses I had:
“I need to use the tools you’ve given me and knuckle down’
“I like sweet stuff and eat too many sweets & cake”
“I just need some motivation, I’ve got a treadmill in the house but I’m not using it”
“I need to begin…..and last more than 2 weeks”
‘I drink too much’
‘I need structure’
Any of these relate to you?
Maybe from reading these responses you could actually give some good advice on what someone needs to do to make change and get towards their goals….
Cut down on how many sweets you’re having
Use your treadmill 2-3 times per week
Cut down on how much you drink
Can you see how simple the advice is……but it’s not so easy to implement.
Especially when you try and do it on your own.
Emma tried this for a while too:
“I did the detox week, followed by the T21 program.
I found it really easy to follow and I got great results – losing weight but more importantly inches!
I did the detox to help me fit into a dress for a wedding (which I did) and wanted to keep going.
The exercise is great – it takes less than half an hour including warming up and cooling down, and you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment (I used 2 litre bottles of water as weights and still really felt the effect in my muscles the next day!).
There are a lot of recipes provided so loads of inspiration for new things to try, and ways to eat some of your favourite things but lighter. It really changed the way I think about food – I would eat big portions of pasta, rice or potatoes, and then wonder why I was feeling too full and why I wasn’t losing any weight!
I’m a complete convert to cauli rice and courgetti – it means that my sauces can be rich and delicious and I can have a good portion of food that doesn’t leave me feeling like I need a nap afterwards!!
The support group is amazing as well – it makes a huge difference to know that you’ve got that accountability and that there are other people all working towards the same goals as you are, and Tara and Sacha always being around to answer questions is great too – plus they and all the others were always there for a bit of encouragement and motivation if I was struggling.
I loved the experience so much I’ve joined Tara’s Inner Circle, to help me transition from the mindset of only doing something for a couple of weeks to putting these habits into place in the real world, long term.
The difference between Emma (Who’s 10.5 inches smaller now) and anyone who tries and fails, stops & starts, all or nothing’s on their own….is structure and accountability.
She’s doing what she knew she needed to do, but found it easier because she had some help.
You need help with what food to eat for the best fat burning
You need help with motivation to exercise
You need help with staying on track and
You need help with consistency.
and you need help with starting NOW
The 21 day programme opens this weekend.
^^ Clicking that ink could be the difference in you staying the same or losing 10.5inches like Emma.
If you’ve got any questions about the programme, email me back.
….and I will get back to you today,
once I’ve made my way through all the responses from yesterdays email
Tara xx

Tara Hammett