Do this ONE THING TODAY! - Tara Hammett


It will take you SECONDS to
improve your day.
Last Tuesday I had a mini mental battle.
I was overthinking
I was over tired
I was overwhelmed and
I just wanted to go to bed and start fresh on Wednesday.
We all get it.
I’d had friend and family share their
problems with me.
Texting me to tell me the negative things that were going
on in their lives.
Letting me know they were down and they
needed me to help them feel better
Wanted my positivity to lift them and
for me to tell them it will be alright.
99% of the time….I’m there.
Ready to help.
Last Tuesday…..I’d had enough.
What about me?
I’ve got things going on in
my private life too.
I didn’t want to be that Tara,
being drained on and telling everyone its
gonna be ok.
(Obv I didn’t tell them that)
At that time all I wanted was a room
with a fire, no internet or phone signal
and me.
Run away and have a break from it all.
But then……
a few of my friends could sense
I was feeling the strain.
They were there.
The past few days some of the
absolute smallest gestures have come my way
and they have meant the absolute WORLD to me.
The cost was nothing,
but the thought was absolutely priceless.
I’m not one to go OTT much, but
my heart could have exploded.
I felt so emotional – but happy!
Do you sometimes feel lie the one
that is there to pick up the pieces for people?
Is there someone you can think
of right now that you could send a little
message to, just to let them know how
much they mean to you?
Not for anything in return
but just to let them know how much
you appreciate them.
My Seminar on Wednesday has
got me excited yet nervous and
I’m so grateful to all my gorgeous friends who
have been there for me the last few days
and offered their help.
They will be getting a message again from me today!
I’ll be talking more about this on Wednesday.
Hope to see you there
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S Thank you for the messages from a few of you this morning
letting me know my video on Facebook inspired you
to get up to do something!
I really appreciate you messaging me too.
All my LOVE xxxxx
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