Copy my food plan here - Tara Hammett

Copy my food plan here

Here’s my meals from yesterday

(plus an apple I forgot to snap)


Just imagine

You want to lose weight

You’re worried you’ll miss your fave

food and fail

Then I come along and say

Don’t worry…Join my program,

eat chips and you’ll still

lose weight with me.

Would you believe it’s true?

My piccy above can confirm it

is true, as that’s what we had for our dinner last night.

These were my meals yesterday which were all

BURSTING with flavour, quick & easy.


A way of eating that you LOVE and you

don’t want to stop and yo-yo your

way through misery & happiness

about your body.

Sometimes when we’re on a mission we have little slip ups

(like a few of the girls confessed to me on Thursday)

But that’s all part of the learning.

Making mistakes are a big part of learning.

You’re not going to succeed in everything in life.

In fact,

the more

you try new things the more chance you’ve got of

not succeeding at things, but

you always learn from it and do better next time.

You’ll always win really

as you’ll have new experiences and soon learn

not to fear trying new things as you’ll

always handle it.

The main thing to remember

if you do want to change something in

your life is to


You’ll have nothing to lose.


Look at what is going on around you

in your life that suggests you’re going off course

and come up with a plan to change it.

If you’re sick of yo-yoing through

different diets all the time.

Change it

Do a lifestyle plan like the

TARAnsformers do.

In my 21 day program I will teach you

EXACTLY how to do the minimum amount

of exercise and still get BRILLIANT body results

I’ll also teach you how to eat

BRILLIANT meals (Like sandwiches, chips and desserts)

so you love what you’re eating and get to

where you want to be.

I’ll also help you become more


^^ bit of a buzz word atm^^

so you lose those heavy thoughts and

feel happier and more positive

Then YOU can be enjoying to process of lifestyle change

rather than restricting yourself all the time,

and failing….and NEVER learning from your mistakes.

We all kick off on Monday

and I want you to

make sandwiches and eat chips with me.

I want you to know

you CAN handle it.

And you’ll get there. 

It’s February already – have you taken your first step yet?

Keep Fit & Fab

Tara xx

  • February 11, 2017