Can you imagine tea WITHOUT BISCUITS? - Tara Hammett

Can you imagine tea WITHOUT BISCUITS?

Marie couldn’t

She didn’t think she could change

years of things she LOVED but knew that

they weren’t that good for her.

How do you give up something you LOVE

You want it every week, BUT

you know that its just the thing that stops you getting

the body you want.


Marie joined the Life TARAnsformer 6 programme.

4 weeks ago, she hit a bit of a stumbling block.


I’m TOO OLD for this.

I’ll NEVER get the fitness I want.

I can’t imagine ever having a cup of tea without a biscuit.

All things I’m sure you may have

said to yourself too? persevere and remain consistent.

Last night, we had a different Marie in the meeting.

She was beaming.

She told us how proud she was of herself

We slowly weened Marie off the biscuits and

tried the healthy TARAnsformer treats instead.

and now…its just a cup of tea. She’s ‘gone past it’

as she said.

Marie also said

“The way I’m thinking about food and what I

do is so different now and so

much easier.

We used to love a take-away and I’d have a few

glasses of wine and go through a bag of Minstrels to myself”

(Her hubby shouted in the background

“a share bag!” ha!! )

Now she’s proud of herself.

She loves the support of the team that’s helped her get here.

Even though she wishes she could express herself

more like some, she loves watching what everyone

else is doing and offering the help and support – like

she needs herself too sometimes.

We all do.

What do you struggle the most with?

Who have you got helping you?

It’s not always easy,

but if you set yourself up with a few tools

to help you along the way –

You’ve got a much better chance of

achieving the success you want.

Whether its your body goals

Whether it’s your relationship goals

Whether it’s your career goals

(On of the TARAnsformers in the group last night said she’s

going to apply for a promotion in work, which she knows she would

NEVER have done before the Life TARAnsformer programme.

How awesome is that!?)

I’m going to be recruiting my next team

of Life TARAnsformers very soon.

I confirmed one action taker yesterday

and there’s 4 VERY STRONG ones looking to join

too (you’ll have heard their names)

Want to be part of the next team?

Life TARAnsformer 7 will be launching soon

You want to be the next success story?

Don’t miss your place – they’re limited!

Email me back

Keep fit & fab

Tara XX

P.S I’m thinking 6:30 pm Thursday for the next LIVE 12min TARAnsformer workout.

Can you make it? xx

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  • April 6, 2016