Bad news :-( - Tara Hammett

Bad news :-(

The past few days I’ve been sharing with you
some wonderful success stories of the
guys that have been with me in the Life TARAnsformer 12 week challenge
and the incredible results they’ve achieved.
Last night…..the final place was taken.
If you were thinking about it
and fancied it, it’s too late.
Debbie will be joining the rest of the team as they
do some small tasks each day and get to their body & confidence goals.
Each person in the team got on the phone with me,
we had a chat about what was so hard to do.
There was a trend
They KNEW what to do.
They KNEW what foods to avoid.
They KNEW they had to do a little exercise.
But what was the problem?
They were!
They just didn’t do it.
They weren’t self -disciplined.
They had EXCUSES
They were stuck in a rut
All the same things we can struggle with.
Are YOU your biggest obstacle?
Well….you’re too late to join the
team on the Life TARAnsformer 12 week challenge this time
You CAN join them for next week only
To get the team going we’re going to spend 7 days
We’ll STOP eating the foods that can give you that bloated belly
and start to see the inches go down.
Metabolism will go up
Energy will go up
Inches will go down
Pounds will go down
Maybe 12 weeks wasn’t for you…
so how about 7 days?
This is what I’ll show you.
* Breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack recipes to keep you FULL
and reduce the muffin top
* EASY exercise (so easy anyone can do it)
* I will PRESCRIBE some chill out activities to
help you reduce stress and stop you holding on to fat.
* Help you find the motivation to keep it going and free yourself
of the Yo-Yo vicious circle or feeling stuck in a rut. up for PHASE #1?
This weekend we’re gonna get all excited,
get a healthy shop in and get motivated to lose
between 5-11lbs.
For some..the positive mindset tasks will be BRAND NEW
so we’ll be starting to feel more positive and happier
with our thoughts.
Even bed time is gonna get more exciting!
Tara xx
P.S Join before 8pm tonight and I’ll send you
the detox eBook to keep FOREVER 😉
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