Ate 5 doughnuts in one go! - Tara Hammett

Ate 5 doughnuts in one go!

This is true.
I’m sure stranger things have happened but
I saw one of the ladies I know yesterday and
she said
“Tar, I bought 5 ring doughnuts
yesterday and ATE THEM ALL!”
It was Monday the 4th Jan….
(Like it’s some sort of law that
everyone starts clean eating and
all that jazz – lol)
At which point I became FASCINATED and thought
it would be epic for me to share with you.
“I felt terrible, I couldn’t believe
I did it. I knew what I was doing was wrong when
I bought them, but I still did it”
I went into investigation mode for
some lessons in this.
I wanted to know what she had for breakfast.
“Oh I was healthy. I made a smoothie with
banana, blueberries, kiwi, pineapple, some flaxseed and
walnuts and some water”
That’s sugar rush #1
Even though there are some great vitamins
and minerals from fruit the sugar will still
be so high from this little cocktail.
Sugar high and sugar low.
Then I wanted to know about lunch.
Well I was starving when I went to the shop so I got
a sandwich but caved to the doughnuts
That’s sugar rush #2
High sugar and processed, refined carbs which will again
shoot your blood sugar up and then
you’ll get a slump.
Did you have any dinner? I asked
“NO…..well, Yes. I had a big jacket potato with
Ok, so there is some protein here but again
the potato is another carb source which isn’t
something to fear, but will still have added to
the sugar roller coaster of the day.
So after a little mucking about
picking my jaw up off the floor we had a little chat
about what would have been better to put
in the smoothie for optimal FAT BURNING
Swapping the high sugar fruit for
lower sugar fruit.
Adding protein
Adding nutritional veggies
Adding fats
Breakfast would have been more balanced and
kept her going for longer.
Then I asked
“Have you done this before?’
So there’s a positive lesson here.
She won’t do it again.
Next time, pre-plan what you’ll buy
and try not to go food shopping over hungry.
Will power will not be at its strongest.
When popping to the supermarket,
I TOTALLY avoid the sandwich and
meal deal section and
go to the cold meats & ready to eat fish,
chopped salads & veg section,
sometimes some nuts, or a pear or
a protein bar.
So…have you been making
SMOOTHIES similar thinking they’re
awesome for getting towards your goals?
Have you jumped on the wagon with exercise and
healthy meals?
The detoxers are SMASHING it so far and
still feeling motivated.
Maybe you’re going it alone
or need to be supported more.
my FIRST 21 day programme of 2016 kicks off
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Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
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