The Girl That Didn't Want It Enough - Tara Hammett

The Girl That Didn’t Want It Enough



I’ve got many to get back to today about the 6 week programme (with 3 free),
so that’s 9 yeh??? 😉

Excited, only 3 places left for the transformation journey with me and we’ll be closed
and getting the team confident and gorgeous for Christmas (and the rest of forever!)

#2 Did you watch my LIVE video last night and the post I shared which said

“I’ve never seen any life transformation that didn’t begin with the person in question finally getting tired of
their own bulls**t”


The reason why SO MANY do NOT get the results they want is
because of the junk stories they tell themselves.

I’m tired
I haven’t got time
It’s my social life and the weekends
I’ve got a lot going on at the mo
Think I’ll leave it til the New Year when I’ve got my head in the game.

Which New Year?????

Carry on like that and it’ll be NEVER.

Face it…..

You may have delayed the chances of you getting what you want because you’ve put
‘getting your goals’ on hold for long enough.

I’ve spoken with many who have struggled with their weight for 5, 10, 15, 20 years because they keep on

– Trying the same thing which doesn’t work – but they keep doing it
– Waiting until their head is in it
– Do NOT have a plan
– Keep watching others around them take action whilst doing NOTHING

So ask yourself:


If you wanted to change that much you would

– Do something NOW
– Try something NEW
– Get HELP << Doing it alone gets you nowhere

Waiting until the right time will NEVER come.

There’ll always be something.

Right now you could use these excuses

Bonfire Night (in the UK)
Christmas Parties
New Year Parties

^^^ All adding another 4-6lbs on top of what you DO NOT WANT.

Or you could do something NOW and lose what you don’t want.
Here’s a simple test for you

What do you think are the best, most important choices here???

A or B
A) Take away food OR B) that lovely outfit to go on easily and feel confident in it?

A) Too much to drink the weekend OR B) Looking in the mirror liking your body?

A) A couple of share bags and a tube of pringles in front of the TV OR B) looking at the scales and seeing those pounds go down?

A) Reading this and doing nothing (just the same stuff to get the same results) OR Take the first step towards making the change and join me and the team in the 21 day programme.
If you chose all A’s – you don’t want it at all.

If you chose B’s but do A’s – You don’t want it bad enough!!

If you chose A’s and want A’s……


Step 2 – Check out your membership and look at the shopping list and lovely recipes to choose from

Step 3 – Say hello in our private group (loads of super friendly girlies in there)

Step 4 – Get excited.

Take action

Tara xxx

P.S I talk more about getting what you want in my video last night – check it out on Facebook now

P.P.S Reminder:

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Don’t miss it xxxx

  • October 14, 2016