8 Hours To Go - Tara Hammett

8 Hours To Go

..Then the COOK OFF challenge.

7 days

Up for it?

So like the 7 habits challenge we did, I’m gonna encourage you guys to
get accountable with your food.

So you’ll have 300 recipes to choose from.

Get shopping this weekend.

Looks through the recipes then make
a plan of what you’re going to make each day.

Up for it?

Total motivation to get you eating healthy for a whole week.

So you’ve got 8 hours left until my offer of getting all 4 of my recipe books FREE.

After that, they’re £10 each

So instead of paying £50 for 5 books,
how about just a tenner??

Eat MORE food
Lose MORE inches
Get MORE energy

Sounds like a wicked plan to me.

Ok…..here’s the link for all the recipes

So as an example you could have:

Granola for Brekkie

A Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap for Lunch

Burritos for dinner and ice cream for that sweet spot later.

Get planning then.

We kick off Monday

It’s all happening in the Taransformer group.

Right…..I’m gonna load some piccys on Instagram now from
my photoshoot and get my Chicken Curry on the go.

Here’s to the cook off!!

Tara xxx

Tara Hammett