7 Day Cook Off Challenge?? - Tara Hammett

7 Day Cook Off Challenge??

d0e060691d564b86bbd94fe0eacd19fc?? READY FOR THE 7 DAY COOK OFF CHALLENGE? ??

We kick off Monday.

TODAY….plan your meals from the recipe books and sort your shopping.

TOMORROW….prep your meals.
-write a plan
-get cooking
-declare what you’ll do

MONDAY…we start ?


✔️ I will post an accountability post for you
✔️ you will declare your plans each morning
✔️ you will post pics of the meals you have
✔️ you will report your success and feelings at the end of each day.

If you do those very very small tasks EVERYDAY for 7 days….I GUARANTEE you will see amazing results in 1 week.

So….you in??

Also….(Tara’s Favour Time)
If you are going to join in would you please ?? share the piccy from my profile on Facebook with the group link and help me get as many people as possible joining in.

I LOVED the 7 Day Habit Challenge.

Some stuck with me, got rewarded ? but also gained FANTASTIC WEIGHT LOSS RESULTS.


…..are you ‘ALL IN?’

Or are you gonna be one of those looking at the posts each day, wishing you were getting the results and being exactly the same…OR WORSE in a week’s time??????

I’m here to inspire you
….now it’s up to you to do the work!

Not got the ebooks yet?


Looking forward to seeing who’s joining in



  • October 1, 2016