Your Sunday Motivation - Tara Hammett

Your Sunday Motivation


The beauty of my job, work, career, passion

…..whatever we want to call it is I can reach out to you anywhere at anytime. 

The same goes for you. 

If you ever want to get in touch,

ask a question, need some advice, could do with some motivation..

I’m here. 

I love it

As I write to you now,

I am chilling out at home.

My partner in crime has got match of the day on (?) and I’m having a little reflect on the last week, what I’m going to do today and mentally planning how I want next week to go 

It’s going to be another busy one and it will fly by like any other week but how we prep for it and what we DO will make all the difference on our results and what we achieve. 

Are you not going to plan anything? Do the same thing? Get the same thing?


Spend a little time prepping some healthy meals, getting a good shop in, order it online if you have to. 

Your workouts…what days will you do something on?

Morning or evening?

What best suits your lifestyle?

How will you spend quality time with those that you care about so much?

Can you make a bit of extra effort to get off your phone and have a conversation?

Sit down to dinner with your family and talk?

^^^^^answer those questions and do something. 

Yesterday I did a live video in the life Taransformer group.

I tried to share it with you, but I’m not that tech savvy. 

Each Sunday they send a quick form to me, we have a live meeting every Monday and we catch up about all the small tasks done each day to help the girls change their lives.

I was so proud yesterday.

SARAH climbed up Pen-Y-Fan. It was hard, she would never have done it before…it she would have bailed half way. SHE DID IT. She got to the top…she reached her goal ? 

Her climb up the mountain is just like her weight loss & health results. 

She has a goal (top of the mountain), she takes small steps daily, she reflects (like stopping and having a drink of water on the way), she keeps going even when it seems hard and she reaches her goal. 

So far…she’s lost 24lbs. INCREDIBLE. 

CHRISTINA: she posted a photo comparing her weight on the scales to what they were in July…she’s lost 18lbs and feeling leaner, fitter & stronger. 

STACEY: she posted her progress photos…AMAZE. The difference around her bum & stomach is fantastic. 

JO: she also shared her progress photo…WOW. She said she ‘thinks’ she can tell a difference….we all KNOW she had. You should see her waist. 

The rest of the team are also celebrating similar results. Because they do something small each day. 

Make today count. 



Have Fun, 

Spend time with your faves

Be Grateful

I’m going into my Taransformer group now to encourage everyone to do something great for themselves today.

Join in, let me know what you’re gonna do and let’s make today count. 

“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content”


See you in the group



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Tara Hammett