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Your habits surprised me

After asking about shopping habits yesterday, it seems the majority actually go to the supermarket themselves…as opposed to online or click & collect.
I totally understand the reasons for it too.
You can pick up what you want,
You can get your fresh stuff every few days.
You’re incomplete control of that
It was good to see so many said they make a list and work from there.
A few also said they wing it and Emma made a good point which is exactly where I think the problem is with many and their shopping.
When you go to the supermarket….you get tempted by offers.
Not only do you end up spending more, but you pick up all those goodies that are no good for you.
No wonder people get caught out with temptation.
You can buy 1 single chocolate bar for 50p or 4 for £1. No brainer for value…but what about your body goals?
I was inspired to ask this after my friend asked me the other day, when we were out to lunch.
“So, are you back to your healthy diet now and have you found it quite hard, or easy?”
With me and my eating, generally in the house it didn’t change too much.
It’s such a habit buying the food I buy, firstly because I buy online and I just go to my favourites and secondly I love the food I eat as it tastes lovely and it’s super fast & easy so I don’t have to think or stress too much about it.
What did change for me was eating out and quick dashes to local shops.
My mindset in a restaurant was totally different.
Instead of choosing the meal with a salad option or requesting more veggies, I chose the chips, bread and sometimes onion rings.
Because of my cravings, I made more emergency dashes to the shops for the savoury carby things I HAD to have (crisps, diet coke, scotch eggs).
SO for me I know one of the big habits of mine which has helped me post pregnancy is my shopping.
I shop online, so I resist temptation
I choose wisely with what goes in my shopping order, so there’s nothing in the house to take me off track.
I’m mindful when I eat out….back to swapping chips for salad or veg.
So if you’re an online shopper – check out your faves. Are the some thing in there worth deleting and swapping for healthier options?
If you’re an ‘in person’ shopper…go with a list and stick to it.
Go when you’re not hungry (that’s lethal!)
Go in there mindful of your goals.
…and that counts for eating out too.
You can eat out every day of the week if you want, just be careful what you order.
Hope those little tips make you think a bit about what may be getting in the way of your health success.
Tara xx
P.S I am in AGONY today. Did some proper pistol squats for the first time since I started back. I need support when sitting and taking the stairs…OUCH!
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  • April 11, 2017