You Can Do This!! | Tara Hammett

You Can Do This!!

How did you start you Monday morning?

Nothing like the first proper Monday back in routine to get you motivated to do something.

This morning was HARRRRRD though.

Danny had me up during the night with some teething troubles,
I fell back asleep at 5:15 with my alarm due at 6am

Falling back asleep was the WORST EVER....I felt like I could have slept for a million more hours when my alarm went off BUT

Despite the dark
the cold
the tiredness
the half working hand...

I knew once I'd had my coffee....I'd be ready for it!

I was 15mins later than planned...but did it.

SO today I'm sharing with you my leg workout from this morning and you can catch more on my
Instagram story.

Breakfast was good too. Ham and tomato omelette and a Salted Caramel Green Tea
Have you tried these?


Totally recommend these, if you need a new way of kicking the 'too many coffee's' habit and increase your water intake these are delish!!!!

I'd love to know what your goal for the next 7 days is.

I've had many 'before' pics sent to me today of the girls in the 6 week plan and they're ready to take action on their body goals.

This is such a super way of seeing how far you've come.

Pop a pair of black legging and a black vest on, get in front of the mirror and take your selfie.

I know the girls have been so motivated by doing these, have you done it before?

This is my top Monday Motivation tip for today.

Just take that photo and use it to get that drive you want to take action

See ya tomozza

P.S the leg workout I did was 3 sets of 12 reps on each exercise.

Tara Hammett