You been picking at crackers too? ;-) - Tara Hammett

You been picking at crackers too? ;-)

Gotta love a little rhyme hey.
After my last message to you about eating healthy food which is delish,
but having little naughty habits that sneak into your day.
I had this response I thought I’d share
(I’ve changed the names)
“You are so right !
Chuck is trying to get Brad & I using my fitness plan app. Without his usual G&Ts Brad is struggling to consume enough calories ! We now realise he doesn’t eat enough whilst at work and is a little picker late evening if having a drink. I hadn’t eaten enough calories either till I remembered the 3 chocolate roses I had for Valentines & a lindor ball , oh and 6 prawn crackers whilst cooking our super healthy low cal salmon & stir fry ?? So you are so right about it being everything else. I’d had a “good” day eating the healthy kind of food I like till I blew it thoughtlessly munching away on a couple of chocolates & a few prawn crackers which really , did I need ? No! Would I have missed them ? No! So today I will be more mindful of what I’m stuffing in my face ??”
Are you the same?
When you think about it, all those little ‘ooh, just the one’ and ‘Mmm, just a little slice’
plus a little ‘Ah, I so deserve this today’
When you add them up there’s no wonder you can’t lose those excess pounds
You may think you absolutely nail the healthy meals each day and
do your fair share of exercising BUT, why are you at a standstill?
It’s the mindless picking.
Then….to add to that…Friday, Saturday and Sunday turn up.
The days where you relax a little more, eat out at a restaurant and order everything you
fancy PLUS a bottle or two.
It’s such a vicious circle and unless you break the habits and
be more mindful of what you ‘stuff in your face’ that’s the way it will always be.
Of course you can enjoy a Lindor ball and 6 prawn crackers, but
remember that you had them.
Keep a log by using an app or a simple note pad that you leave somewhere convenient. You may be surprised by what is slipping past your lips that you forget about.
Make a plan every Sunday of the meals you want to have.
Do some batch cooking so you’re prepared and save time and stick to it.
…….and when you do your meal planning, make sure every meal is one you look forward to.
None of this boring, bland, repetitive planning.
Yummy meals.
Whatever you fancy.
Meatballs, wraps, pies, stews…there’s so many you can choose from.
There’s no need to use the excuses of
“it’s so hard”
“I can’t get motivated”
If you tell yourself that it’s true!
You’ll never change.
You’ll find it hard because you keep thinking you have to do things you don’t want to
do like give up nice food.
You can’t get motivated to eat healthy because you don’t plan meals you look forward to.
YOU are the only one that can change things.
So recognise where you’re going wrong and
make the effort for yourself.
Am I right?
(If not, get in touch and let me know)
If you need help with recipes…download my cookbooks here
Get planning
Tara xxx
P.S if you’ve already got one, or ALL of my recipe books….what are you doing with them?
You wouldn’t buy a drink and expect to quench your thirst without opening and drinking it…would you?
So you can’t get healthy and in shape by looking at recipes.
Get creating and cooking!!
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  • February 16, 2017