WTF - What THE....?? - Tara Hammett

WTF – What THE….??

I could have BURST with emotion.
I had an email from Paul in
the Diet Tribe.

“Do you know what THE is?” he asked me?

THE?? No babe xx     << My response

“Everyone needs THE 

In 4 weeks I’ve had THE

Everyone that meets you gets THE

It’s the Tara Hammett Experience 

You only need one word THE.

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One word can give you all you need

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THE motivation 

THE knowledge

THE support

See it’s all about THE

3 letters

Change your world use THE way that has for many people “


I could have burst with emotion.

How sweet

The thought

The time

The effort

from Paul

Just from that I know he’s grateful for the last 4 weeks

with the diet tribe

From that simple message he sent me I know he appreciates

what he’s experienced over the past few weeks.

That meant the world to me.

The reason I share this with you

today is because one of the simplest things

you can do is tell someone you

care about what they mean to you.

It is so easy to be distracted daily by

everything going on that we just don’t

stay still for one moment and appreciate all of the wonderful things

in our lives.

To appreciate and to be appreciated is something

we all want in life.

The effort someone makes in thinking of you, considering you

and communicating with you.

Reach out to those that have been there for you

and had your back.

It’s easy to do.

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx
P.S Yesterday I also welcomed Gemma (from the diet tribe) to my inner circle.
She’s loving the change and has also appreciated so much over the past 4 weeks.
So she’s investing in her future happiness
Jojn us xx

Tara Hammett