Why are you putting it off ? - Tara Hammett

Why are you putting it off ?

What are you putting off?

  • A workout?
  • Planning some healthy meals?
  • Having a difficult conversation with someone?
  • Sorting out some junk that's building up at home?
  • Speaking with a manager/colleague about something?
  • Booking an appointment you keep meaning to make?
  • Calling a friend/relative you haven't spoken to for a while?

Getting in touch with me to get yourself out of the rut and back to feeling good again???????

Tomorrow...that day that never comes.

I'll start tomorrow - maybe the most said/thought three words ever.

Stop putting things off.

Even if you do JUST 1  thing today,

you will feel great from putting just that little more effort in that you did yesterday.

I know theres a lot of people out there that once felt like they were on a roll.

something clicked.

They were enjoying what they were doing, 

putting in some work & effort and feeling

super proud of themselves.

Because they were doing little things for themselves each day,

they were happier

losing pounds

gaining confidence

losing inches

gaining fitness

feeling in control

and then something happened.

  • Their party turned up
  • Their holiday turned up
  • Their birthday turned up
  • The end of the plan turned up

"I think I'm going to keep going on my own and do everything I've learned"

Problem is...

  • The accountability goes....so it's easy to try again tomorrow
  • The support goes - so after the slip up...try again tomorrow
  • The motivation goes....try again tomorrow

Are you one of these people ?

Don't put off doing what you want and need to do any more.

You deserve to feel better.

Be your absolute best and invest in you TODAY.....NOT TOMORROW

Today - you can join my inner circle instantly


“Your hand can seize today, but not tomorrow; and thoughts of your tomorrow are nothing but desire. Don't waste this breath, if your heart isn't crazy, since "the rest of your life" won't last forever.” “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”

Tara Hammett