When I lose weight I will..... - Tara Hammett

When I lose weight I will…..


What will you do??

I’m sure there’s loads of things you’d love to do.

Wear a pretty dress instead of trousers

Go shopping and feel happy in the changing room

Feel proud of yourself that you’ve actually achieved something and not failed again

You can transform

You can lose weight

You can achieve the goal, the body, the lifestyle.

Last night the final place in the Life Taransformer programme was taken by Alison.

The team is ready and we were chatting last night about starting.

THAT is the biggest step.

Not wishing and thinking and hoping.


Actually getting up off your own but

dropping all those excuses

(yeah….time, energy, money, willpower, injuries)

Accept that it’s only YOU that can do it if you want to change.

You know you can change because you’ve started and done it before I’m sure.

Lost a little, but gave the big ‘I CAN DO THIS MYSELF NOW’,

you do alright for a week or so on your own, but then something happens,

you fall off the rails and before you know it….you’re back where you started.

What you need is to be TOLD WHAT TO DO.

Going to the supermarket and picking your own fresh, healthy food may be too hard.

But a bit of structure, a plan and a kick up the butt could be just the tonic.

As I mentioned, the Life Taransformer programme is sold out


You can join the girls for the first week of success.

They’ll all be in the Detox Programme getting THE BEST start to weight loss

(Sarah Waters lost 13lbs when she did it….she’s lost 53 now).

You could be doing the same as them by joining the group



When you lose weight, what will you do?

And how will you do it?

Get some support and structure!

Tara xx

P.S There will be another Life Taransformer in a few months.

If you would like to be added to the waiting list – get in touch


  • April 28, 2017