when DOUBT holds you back - Tara Hammett

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when DOUBT holds you back

How often have you thought
about something you
REALLY want but just left it
as a thought because you
worry about what others will say?
I’ve done it loads of times.
I WORRY about what people
will think about a video or photo I
put on Facebook
I WORRY about walking into a room
where I hardly know anyone and
I’ll have to talk to strangers
I WORRY about admitting certain things
going on in my private life
I WORRY that what I’m writing about
in my email may not be liked by you.
We all get self doubt and If we
let those little lies we tell ourselves
get the better of us….we’ll NEVER do what we want.
I believe my business goals
are so amazing that I’m prepared to
make SACRIFICES and face to fear of
others judging me anyway.
And every single time i just GO FOR IT….
I’m chuffed.
I was told not to go self employed.
I was told ‘Tar…that’s a lot
of money – I don’t think you should do it’
I’m soooooooo thankful that
I scared myself and did it anyway.
I stay persistent
I make mistakes
I learn lessons
I waste time and get some things done slower
than I should…but I keep on working hard.
The same goes for you
You have a goal..
You WANT  to be more CONFIDENT
and you HOLD BACK
You worry about being a failure
You listen to those voices in your head saying
You think WHAT’S THE POINT’?
If getting to your goal hasn’t worked in the past,
don’t change the goal.
Keep dreaming of it.
Keep believing you can do it.
Change the way you do it
Take the first step and
You will be a little nervous,
like all the girls in the first Life TARAnsformer call.
Like the time all the girls turned up for
the first TARAnsformer class.
and now….
Delighted they took the first step.
For many the first step may
be just writing down EXACTLY what they
want on a piece of paper.
For some it may be sending a text, email or
making a call to ask for HELP
Maybe you need to join the
Team of TARAnsformers that have
spoken with me and admitted
they feel exactly like I’ve just explained
^^ this is where you may NEED to be.
I can help you lose the weight that
will make you love your body more
I can help you eat healthier so
you’re full of energy and not restricting anymore.
I can help you improve your mindset and
be more positive every day.
All you need to do is stop
believing the doubt in your mind,
ignore the haters that may try to drag you down
and take that step towards the future you can create.
Don’t let the doubt hold you back.
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S If i didn’t go for it, I would still be working in a job that i had fallen out of
love with, unhappy with my days and still wishing I was doing what I’m doing now.
Thank goodness i didn’t listen to the advice not to take the risk


Tara Hammett