What would you rather? - Tara Hammett

What would you rather?

Did you catch me LIVE on Facebook

last night?


If so..did you get involved and enjoy?


If not…don’t worry…I’m going LIVE again tonight

at 8:30pm so you can ask me any questions you may have or just

say hello 🙂




Last night I talked about the detox programme and

what you get in it.


The recipes to help you lose weight FASTER

The BANNED food to de-bloat you FASTER and reduce any stomach pain

The BENEFITS of eliminating common allergens

The BEST way to start thinking more positive and be happy


I mentioned Sandra who lost 9lbs last time…


She loved it so much last month she’s joined again this month.


Sandra posted on Facebook that she’s signed up again and

I noticed a few comments


One said:


“Wow, amazing. I wish I had your willpower”




“I couldn’t do it. I’m gonna try 500 calories for 3 days this week though”




Firstly, keeping your willpower up is HARD.


We all struggle on our own to keep motivated,

that’s why you’ll always get better results when you

get help and have more people around you when you

work hard on the change.


All you need to do is make the decision to

join a group, class, get a trainer, or a team of people

on the same journey as you.


Like the TARAnsformers.




You MUST seek HELP




You MUST do it for YOU


You may very well have a great support network.


But is the support completely there for

your health changes.


You NEED to know how to eat to be

healthy and still lose weight.


You NEED to know the best exercise to

tone your body the FASTEST


You NEED someone there when you do slip up

and cave


(^^ we all do it)


You NEED someone to talk to when it gets



You NEED to put yourself FIRST.



Remind yourself of what you

can get when you get accountable and

your motivation comes back.




If you were given the option of


500 calories for 3 days….obsessing over food and not eating enough,

starving yourself, losing some weight (and the will to live) in 3 days,

learning NOTHING then putting it all back on…




Eat as much as you want so you’re not hungry,

working hard for 7 days eliminating foods and drinks

that make you feel a bit MEH, re-gaining your energy,

sleeping better, feeling like you’re NOT ALONE and

learning about how to eat better FOREVER…


Which would you choose?


Get off the faddy, short-term, yo-yo dieting

mindset and change your lifestyle for the long term.


Detox week is kicking off TODAY


You can still jump in.


Grab the opportunity QUICK



Keep fit & Fab

Tara xx

P.S We’re having banana pancakes for breakfast

  • February 29, 2016