What is FAILURE to you? - Tara Hammett

What is FAILURE to you?

I’ve been at a few social events

the past few days.

A lovely Macmillan Coffee morning

with the girls, where that was

lot of cake and free flowing

wine & Prosecco.

A Charity Ball with an

indulgent 3 course meal,

more wine and champagne

And for many this would

mean the end of the ‘DIET’

and hard work of the week.

As I send this email

many may be planning having

a big Sunday Lunch with more

indulgences as you’re

gonna ‘Start again Monday’

And the viscous circle starts again.

Then you wonder…

Why aren’t I losing weight?

I’ve worked so hard!

But it’s enough to keep you exactly

where you are.

At both events I had

many questions about why I wasn’t drinking.

Many looked at my plate from

the buffet and mentioned I’d left all the bread

(It was for the birdies – ha)

My commitment to my goals

didn’t stop everyone else having fun.

Right now I’m working hard on my

business goals, like many are working on their

body and health goals.

I’m having to work hard,

stay strong and put myself into POWER

to do this.

Saturday night when all

my friends were chilling or

out partying, I was in an

online meeting learning

how to make my business grow.

It was tough….but I know I have to make

some sacrifices to reach for what

I want.

I know that digging in now when it

feels uncomfortable will be worth it

as the good decisions will become easier to


All of this can be the same for you and

your body and mindset goals.

Only YOU are responsible for the choices

you make in any situation.

There are many ways you can

put yourself in POWER and feel proud

that you’re doing something to get what you want.

STOP blaming others for the negative feelings

you have about your life and health. NOTHING outside

of yourself can control your thinking.

When you get a moment that you’re

not in control, STOP blaming yourself and thinking

you’re  FAILURE. You’re doing the best you can, and you

can learn from every experience.

Focus on the ‘Payoffs’ of lifestyle change, like

Looking in the mirror and LOVING

your body.

The ENERGY you want to be able to

play and have fun with your family.

The HAPPINESS with your partner or

best friends.

Work out EXACTLY what YOU

want in your life and act on it.

STOP waiting for someone to come and do it

for you as you’ll be waiting a long time.

Whilst you have a little think

about what you’d like to change…make sure

you plan what tools you’ll use to get you where

you want to be.

Your body….HOW are you going to make it

as toned and defined as you want it?


^^HINT HINT…12 minutes every weekday

is an awesome plan with my DVD ^^

Your healthy food…where are you going to start

with your choices? Try any of my

ebooks if you want to detox or

learn how

you can STILL eat Italian, Chinese, Indian

or classic british meals and LOSE WEIGHT.

Your MINDSET….practice the

positive thoughts. Only once you’ve nailed this

will everything CLICK. That’s why I make 10 minutes reading

and essential part of my day.

I do all of this MOST days.

Not every day…I’m like you, things

crop up…but MOST days I try my

best and it WORKS.

Again…nobody can do it for you.

Start with one thing for you TODAY

Get your exercise plan

in place.

When you get my DVD, I’ll get it in

the post to you

STRAIGHT AWAY and you can

start your change for LIFE plan

This morning I went into

the TARAnsformer exclusive groups and

declared my day, my choices and what I’m going to

do to stay on track.

It took me one minute.

Spend one minute on yourself now and email me

and tell me what you’ll do to change today.

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx

P.S If you want more fun and excitement than

a DVD at home you can join my class. Let me know

if you want to come and check it out.


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  • October 4, 2015