What I think about you - Tara Hammett

What I think about you

Have you been totally
surprised by what someone’s
perception is of you?
I get that quite often.
People say they’re surprised that
I’m nothing like they imagined me to be.
I think as soon as I open my mouth they’re
shocked at how Welshy and normal I am.
However, I was totally surprised by one of
my friends the other day.
We know each other through our businesses
and met up in Bristol on Friday.
When we were in the cab Nic said,
“Tar…OMG I’m so intimidated
by what you’re doing and how well
everything is going”
 I look at her and think
“WOW – what an inspiration, I’d love to
be doing some of the things Nic is doing!”
So we had one of those
“no you’re the best”
“No no….YOU’RE the best”
Kinda convo’s ha.
Afterwards I sat back and had a little think
about that and how this could help me to help you.
We have no control over what people think of
Whether it’s good or bad.
And whilst you may think
someone is doing better than you at something,
the chances are they may not have
the belief in themselves and will
probably be looking at someone else and thinking the same.
For me, my goals are working on helping
as many people as possible to
feel better about themselves and
LOVE their lives.
I know I could probably do better,
but at the same time it was so nice to hear Nic say that,
as it made me have a little more
belief in what I’m doing and achieving.
The same goes for YOU.
I’m sure this year you have
done many things to improve your
Got up and done a bit more exercise
Made better choices with food
Taken ownership of your goals and
made progress.
Done a FANTASTIC job juggling
your family life
Made some brilliant progress with work
And whilst doing this you may have beaten yourself up
thinking you could have done better!
Whilst others look at YOU and think,
WOW…wish I had discipline like that.
Always know you are ENOUGH!
You are doing the BEST for YOU.
Whilst you may be looking at someone thinking
“I wish I was more like them”
Someone is looking at you
in admiration wishing to be like you.
Yes…there will be areas to
improve on.
All of us have got them.
There is no such thing at perfect,
just do your BEST and
always look forward,
learn from the past,
do what makes YOU happy.
You may not be able to control every situation
and its outcome,
but you can control your attitude
and how you deal with it.
You’re doing
a great job on you…..and don’t
let anyone else make you believe anything different!
Tara xx
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  • December 14, 2015