What a way to start 2017!! - Tara Hammett

What a way to start 2017!!

Totally love that piccy BTW!!

Love this which Sarah Waters did. Throughout December the TARANSFORMER Party SOS team stuck together

They stayed motivated and still joined in with all the partying and indulging

Now they’re all entering the New Year feeling awesome and already working on their goals

There was a Best TARAnsformer winner from the programme. A very tough decision as the girls were all amazing, supportive, encouraging, honest, inspiring and achieved so much. One had to be chosen…. Louise Morris Health & Fitness and I chose Sarah who will be joining the Life TARAnsformer 11 Programme she’s #2 (I took the first spot)

Since Sarah joined me in the Summer 2016 she has lost 4 stone and 50 inches ?????????

I’m looking forward to helping Sarah and all the other Taransforming girls right from the start.

The girls in the Inner Circle are already starting as they mean to go on.
They’ve made some plans
Written down what they want to achieve
Started taking action.

What are your action plans?

What do you need help with?
This week we’re setting goals and kicking
off on Friday when we open the first Detox Programme of 2017
New Years Resolution??
^^ Whateves…people don’t stick to them
New Years TARAnsforming??
^^ Get’s you results
I’ve got your plan ready, you’ve just got to decide if you want it or not.
Let’s get fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S I started on the healthy wagon again today too.
I know I’m still pregsy, but I gotta support my man.
I know I’ve kinda taken advantage of the pregnancy cravings etc and I’ve
enjoyed eating some foods that I wouldn’t normally have chosen
(Chips, Crisps, Pasties…all the refined, high carb/fat foods)
but I miss my healhty eating.
My shopping is arriving at 7pm tonight and we’re both on it!
  • January 2, 2017