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Were you talking about me?

^^ That was me yesterday….
DVD #2
Excited much?
I’ll tell you more about that soon.
Right now I want to tell you about the messages I’ve
had from many saying
how much they related to
my video labelled
“Tar, your video SCARED me…
you don’t MINCE your words.
LOVED IT….thing is, I could
relate and it was actually like
you were talking about me”
I knew many would feel like this,
because I have
spoken with
COUNTLESS people about this.
I get it.
​I said it like it is, because it’s TRUE!
You HATE hiding under baggy clothes
You HATE having to wear elasticated clothes
that stretch around you
You HATE feeling your belly wobble
when you chase your kids
You AVOID going out with friends because you’re
ASHAMED of your body.
Some or all of those sentences been
in you thoughts before?
Either you or someone you
know will have felt like this.
Wanna know what I HATE?
Knowing that so many feel like this.
That so many stay awake at night
WORRYING about what they’re gonna wear the next day.
WORRYING about their body being seen.
and as a woman that knows you don’t have to feel this way,
I can’t just stand back and let it be.
I know I can HELP
I can help you start by taking the first step towards
making your body more TONED…so you like it more..
then you walk with PRIDE.
I can help you Lose Weight so you
feel MORE CONFIDENT and smile
when you see your reflection.
I can help you BELIEVE in yourself
so you achieve your goals and
others are INSPIRED by your SUCCESS.
And it all starts with one step.
I can help you feel HAPPIER
I’ve done it many times before and
I WILL do it many many more….
for those that are willing to take that ONE STEP.
Like I said…
I can’t do it for you.
YOU are responsible.
YOU can create your happier future,
you just need to make some simple changes.
My program is ready to kick off on
Monday and you can get into the group
NOW to get excited to start.
These are all normal feelings.
But what worries you more?
Going ALONE and being in the same
place as you were in January..
You let me help you?
What happens next
all depends how much you want it.
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S I had some before piccys from a new TARAnsformer which are safely
LOCKED in the TARAnsformer vault….Sara hated sending them…but they’re the last time
she’ll take pics like that again. When did you last take a pic
in the mirror stripped down?
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