Well Done Heather!! - Tara Hammett

Well Done Heather!!

Yet again, it was another case of

feeling scared and nervous, but

doing it anyway.

Following my last LIVE 12min HIIT on Facebook,

I asked who wanted to help me out and feature in

my next live workout.

Heather said she would.

WHY did she say it,

she frightened herself!


She came along, helped out and afterwards?

Well…she shared the video with this status:

“Oh my goodness can’t believe I just did that

but it was totally awesome and I’d even do it again (not right now tho!)

thanks Tara Hammett and Deaks ??”

Heather loved it.

Not only did she get a great workout (She was amazing)

but she became an inspiration for so many

In fact, Caroline commented saying she wished she was as brave as Heather to

do it.

Clearly I jumped on that one and Caroline will be doing it next week.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is exactly what you should be doing.

So now over to you

+++++++++++++++++++++++ What is your intention today? +++++++++++++++++++++++

Unless you want to stay In the convenience of your comfort zone,

Step forward and grow.

You want to change your

Body, Mindset, Relationship Or Success with Business.

Step up, do something new and GROW.

Everything you have right now is because of you,

your intentions AND what you have done up to this actual moment.

Cause & Effect

Everything has an intention,

a cause and from every single cause (action or inaction) is the effect.

For the TARAnsformers that have had

INCREDIBLE success changing their lives with me they

have felt the benefits of not stepping back to safety.

They stepped forward into GROWTH.

They worked on leaving behind the bad habits that made them feel MISERABLE

And you do it Just BECAUSE you have always have done it.


You’re mindlessly doing these bad habits and

those little things every day,

stepping back into safety rather than being mindful and focusing on growth.

What will be your intention today?

Are you going forward or backwards.

It’s your choice

I’m choosing to grow……

I’m also choosing to help others grow.

Like the many that have been in touch wanting help

to lose weight and asking when the next 21 day programme is.


As it’s not for a few weeks yet, I thought I’d give you a little


We’ll be going into the last week of the 21 day programme

on Monday but YOU can jump in and try it for a week


You could get totally motivated and lose up to 7lbs with the

rest of the team.

So is your intention to ignore my offer to you?

Or to step up and do something for yourself?

Keep fit & fab

Tara xxxxx

P.S Want to feature in my Live Workout?? Email me

PPS Join 21 day for a week HERE

Tara Hammett