ULTIMATE Food Shopping List - Tara Hammett

ULTIMATE Food Shopping List

For years I’ve been chatting with
my parent, sister & brother about changing
their lifestyles & improving their nutrition.

My sisters done incredible…there’s now 6 stone
less of her than there was when she first decided to
make the change.

But everyone else has been doing
the same thing week in, week out.

(And expecting different results – classic!)

Good in the week, then the weekend
comes, they indulge, they feel bad,
they start again on Monday.

But this time I did something different for my parents.

I met them at the supermarket and took them
food shopping.

Not only did they learn lots from me, but I actually
learned a lot from them….

I couldn’t believe some of the things that
I thought was basic information about food choices
(and I’m sure I’ve mentioned it a squillion times
before), they had no idea on.

We walked past a big display of Special K

Dad: ” Thats what I have for breakfast every morning”

(Tara has a palm to face moment – Daddy
get told off!)

“Look at the ingredients of that Dad….whats in the
top 3 ingredients?”

Ooops – Sugar! Rule number 1


So we continued up and down the majority
of isles and avoided certain ones….so we didn’t
even look at some of the temptations.

Although when we were picking up some frozen berries
my Mum pointed at a Raspberry Roulade

“OMG – look at that, that’s got fruit in it”

(Tara has a palm to face moment – Mammy gets told off!)

“Mam that doesn’t count!
Anyway, by the time you
turn the corner you’ll have forgotten about it.
Don’t sacrifice what you’ve
wanted for years for what you’ve wanted for 5 minutes.
When you feel
healthier and lose weight, feel amazing and get loads of
compliments – that will last for ages! Get more value from your

We spent a lot of time in the fresh fruit & veg
section. I explained the benefits of certain foods,
why they should eat them
and what they can do with it that’s quick & easy.

They were surprised about fats & oils too.

I’ve now given them VIP access to the
detox program (benefits of having me
as their daughter) and they’re loving
experimenting with new recipes.

Dad has ditched the cereal and LURVED the
baked avocado egg recipe.

They’ve bought a magic bullet for making smoothies
for when they want something quick and full to the brim with
good nutrition.

And instead of snacking on sweets and
bread & butter, they’re making good choices.

Are you ready to start making
good choices and join my
7 day TARAnsformer Detox program??

Click on this link to join the
others in the team who are getting ready to
detox and feel awesome on Monday

The program has been so successful that it’s
being featured ALL WEEK on
Swansea Sound Radio and if
you head on over to my Facebook you
can see the links to listen to me on
air on Saturday & yesterday.

I’ll also be on later today and all week.

Plus my BRAND NEW Podcast with
96.4FM The Wave is out now too and
you can listen to that whenever it suits you!


Keep fit & fab!

Tara xxx

PS: Would you be interested in a supermarket shopping lesson?

My parents thought it was incredible. Let me know…I think it would be

a good little service to start offering.


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  • May 20, 2014