TTFN :-) - Tara Hammett

TTFN :-)


I’m off.

So excited, as I’m off to Vegas for a week with my friends.

Woo Hoo

But am I packed yet?


Always blinking last minute.

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I try to cram in so much stuff before I go, that packing is last on the
list of things to do.

Then I’m stressing,
Throwing everything around the place,
Then, when it’s too late…


What have I forgotten?

Ah well…too late now.

But NEXT TIME, I’m gonna be more organised.

(I say that everytime)

Right now is a typical example of not doing what maybe I should
be doing, but I wanted to send you this email.

So I’m typing super fast

(soz for any typo’s)

I had to email now because

#1 I want to give you a goody because I’m going away.

#2 I was thinking how my last minute packing is just like so
many who want to lose weight and love their body.
You’ve probably done this before:

You’ve got an event or holiday
You want to look AMAZING and feel confident
You say in plenty of time….the diet starts NOW and I”m going to buy a stunning outfit and THIS TIME, I’m gonna do it.


You don’t


(Like me packing)

You’re flapping last minute.

Starving yourself to shed weight quickly
Looking for the latest shake & pill diet for a quick short cut
Stressing that you’re gonna look fat

Then you feel anxious that you’re not going to look nice in your outfit.
You want to cover up
You wish you did something sooner.

Don’t dread it.

Do something about it now.

The TARAnsformer Detox week kicks off on Monday.

So…..instead of last minute JOIN HERE NOW


My little goody for you is, when you join before Thursday evening
You’ll get THIS for FREE!

A bonus for being more organised than I was
with my packing.

With this little goody for you, you can give yourself a head start with the detox
and lose even more pounds before you join the team.


Don’t be a Last Minute Stressor.

Detox Week Plus Vegas Goody

^^^^ Click there ^^^^

In this Detox week, I’ll be LIVE in the group
every day from Las Vegas

How exciting!!
Keep fit & fab

Tara xx

P.S don’t miss the LIVE Workout I’m going to be doing for you from the Cosmopolitan!

Can’t wait!! xxxx

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