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Top 5 ways to cheat

We all know it happens
You go on a ‘diet’ and look for the loophole.
You’re focusing on calorie restriction….you skip a meal to have the cake instead.
You’re doing exercise….you do a little bit extra to earn yourself some chocolate
(very often over estimating how much you’ve burned and under estimating how many cals are in your wine)
You’re clean eating all week and having an indulgent meal on the weekend (but forget you may have fallen off track during the week and have the indulgence anyway – Oops)
You want to go out with your friends so you miss a meal and make it up with extra drinking.
For so many reasons this is not the best way to try and change your body.
Adopting unhealthy habits
Feeling guilty each time you stumble
Starving yourself then bingeing in the end
Doing things like this may seem to make sense at the time, but can be damaging both physically and mentally.
So here’s 5 of my tips to help you stay on track, step away from the yo-yo, cheat your way through it mindset and be consistent with your choices.
It all starts when you go food shopping. You put the right food into your cupboards, you plan your meals, you prep them, you get them in the fridge or frozen so you can grab them easier, you practice cooking too much, so there’s always some left over for easy access and you stay stronger with your choices.
As the saying goes….fail to plan, plan to fail.
Sp plan what you’re going to do…do what you say you will, practice it consistently and soon it will become a habit and much easier to do.
Eating plenty of the right food which keeps you fuller and with plenty of energy will help keep your hormones in check, help you lose those pounds and still allow you to have the odd indulgence without having to skip a meal.
Always ensure you have protein at your meal. This will help you feel fuller and satisfied and alongside plenty of veggies you can still have big meals without over eating the calories.
When you eat bigger meals that you know are full of awesomeness, you wont ever need to scrimp on food feeling hungry, lethargic and ready to cave in a moment.
Don’t stress about getting 5-7 workouts in a week. For many this would be unrealistic…then those feelings of not being good enough and being a failure creep in because you didn’t do what you thought you should do.
Instead, plan to do 2-3 good workouts a week. Make them HIIT style workouts using bodyweight, weights and pushing hard so you can get your toning and cardio in one hit.
Saving time and effort and allowing you to relax a few days a week…stress free.
Ok…so you love it like me??
Always have some to hand.
Now I don’t mean your usual bars or share bags that you don’t share and keep to yourself. I mean the real stuff.
This is certainly one way of feeling like you’re cheating the ‘diet’.
Keeping 100% organic cocoa in your cupboards
(I use green & blacks – you can pick it up in many supermarkets)
You can add it at so many mealtimes & snacks.
Add a teaspoon to your protein oats in the morning…Mmmm Chocolatey
Sneak a spoonful into your yoghurt at lunchtime…Mmmmm Chocolatey
or pour some hot water over a teaspoon full in the evening for a comforting hot chocolate drink
MMMMMMM chocolatey
This is also great for helping to curb cravings and keep you focused on our healthy habit changing.
I’m repeating myself now but Fit-Your-Own-Oxygen-Mask-First.
This may seem difficult when you’ve got a partner, children, boss, family, dogs, cats, neighbours and plants to look after, but when you feel better, stronger, happier & healthier….you are a much better version of you.
So to make sure you stick to what you’re doing, you need to take time out just for you. It’s good to be selfish! Good selfish!!
When you start doing this – GUILT FREE – you’ll soon become that happier person living the healthier lifestyle you want so much. Then, you’ll be more consistent in working towards your goals and sticking to your plan.
Where and when do you start all this then?
The more you carry on living the yo-yo, short term, quick fix lifestyle….the longer it goes on for and the longer it is until you get to your goals.
This weekend I have
The plan
The meals
The easy workouts
The chocolate (if you want it)
The mindset tools ready for you
Starting this weekned you can spend 7 days with me working towards new healthy habits that will help you lose weight and learn how to keep it off.
This weight loss booster week helped SIan lose 11 1/4 lbs last month.
What would make you feel proud after 7 days of working on you?
P.S we’ve got brand new recipes in this month that you’ll LOVE!!
Bring on the fat loss
  • August 16, 2017