This may SHOCK you, but it's true - Tara Hammett

This may SHOCK you, but it’s true

^^^^ That’s Gemma ^^^
What a difference
I asked Gemma a few questions for YOU,
here I share her answers:
How did you FEEL before becoming a TARAnsformer?
I was absolutely MISERABLE.
I was ashamed by how much weight I had put on following the birth of my son.
I had taken full advantage of “eating for 2”
and didn’t really stop following his birth.
I told myself I deserved to eat what I wanted
to give me the strength to look after my new son.
I told myself I shouldn’t lose the weight too quickly
as my body needed to recover!!!
I started losing confidence and HATED going out anywhere
to the point that I would stay in the house and only leave to go to work.
I even stopped taking my son swimming – something he loves.
I was lethargic, miserable,
lacked confidence and hated it –
but I needed the take away foods and glasses of wine!!!
Just after my sons 2nd birthday someone
congratulated me and asked me when my baby was due.
I could not have felt more miserable and
UTTERLY ASHAMED with myself.
I was ANGRY,
angry with myself not with the
innocent lady who was shocked by my large belly!!!!!
I cried on and off all day.
That was it – I was doing something about this,
I was sorting myself out, now!!!!
My son deserved a happy healthy mother,
I deserved to enjoy my time with him.
Neither of us deserved for me to be miserable.
What have you achieved?
I am thrilled to say
I have lost (gotten rid of) 52lbs.
An amazing achievement that
I AM PROUD about and proud to tell people about.
I am always the one running and jumping
about in the park and in parties with my son.
I no longer turn down invites to events as
I AM HAPPY to be seen but also
I have been given the tools to enjoy
healthy food and drink choices, while still having a great time.
My relationships have improved,
with friends and family.
I’m no longer shy 
I’m no longer JEALOUS of how great my friends look.
What did you love about the Life TARAnsformer?
Tara is so honest – I love that.
There are no excuses that she doesn’t have a solution for.
Tara made me accountable
for my food and lifestyle choices and this made me
sit up and actually pay attention to my choices.
I chose to change.
Tara is always there for me,
to motivate, advise, tell me off but also make me laugh too.
The programmes are AMAZING,
all the other members are going through the same journey
and the support is overwhelming.
We became such food friends and helped each other’s from day to day.
I couldn’t be HAPPIER.
I am thrilled.
People have said that I have been an
inspiration to them and that makes me incredibly PROUD.
I feel like I have a constant smile on my face,
I’m GENUINELY so happy and I love telling people about my journey.
…And Gemma’s advice to anyone wanting change?
Get it done – NOW.
Don’t waste time,
if you are thinking about it,
then it’s time to do it!!!
Tara is amazing and everyone will love her and the knowlege that she shares.
A massive thank you to Tara.
I genuinely have so much respect for the
work and energy you put into changing people’s lives.
Thank you x x
SO…..any of those feelings
that Gemma used to have resonate with you?
Like Gemma said
Now you can chose to change..
If that’s what you want…..CLICK HERE
Or you can stay the same!
This program is
EXCLUSIVE and will be
the FINAL ONE this year.
It’s 12 weeks long and there’s only
16 spaces…..I’d get in NOW
Here’s the application again.
It’s not for everyone, that’s the reason WHY
I get on the phone to speak with you and make sure you’re the
right fit…as I only want those that really WANT IT.
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S I know you could read that and think I made the whole story up.
Well…Gemma’s video is coming next.
PPS if I did make it up – there would have been unicorns in it! ha!
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  • August 12, 2015