There's ALWAYS something getting in my way - Tara Hammett

There’s ALWAYS something getting in my way

“I can’t start your programme yet,

because I’ve got a trip away…

…then a party….

…then I’m travelling with work…

…then the kids will be off…..”

Imagine being paralysed in

all your B.S excuses for the rest of your life


For the rest of YOUR LIFE

there will be something going on.

So how about making the change

KNOWING that you’ve still got all

these things to do.


Imagine being able to

do all these things with


that you dream of!

You’d LOVE them even more.

You need to take

RESPONSIBILITY and being aware of

where and when you are NOT taking responsibility

so you can take action on making the change.

Take your eating habits when you’re

travelling or when the children

are off school or when the

rugby is on and you’re watching the game.

I’ve been doing a fair bit of travelling and

eating out myself recently.



Because I know the most important thing

is my MIND not the MENU.

So what did I do to survive?

Here’s my SOS travel plan for anyone

thats going away somewhere

ever in their life.

(Chances are that could be you) ūüėČ


If you’ve got a long journey travelling you’ll

need some supplies. The things I grabbed

ready for 3 days

away from home up in

Newcastle this week were 2 Apples,  2 Pears,

3 Protein Bars, 1 bag of Nuts, 1 Sports Cap Water and

1 packet of Chewing Gum.


* This was after I’d got up and spent 20 mins

in the gym *

From the buffet I chose: Eggs, Mushrooms, Tomatoes,

Turkey, Small slice of cheese, Approx 6-8 hazelnuts/walnuts,

water and coffee.

I TOTALLY AVOIDED the bread, pastry and cereal section.

Don’t even go over there.

I also took my supplements.


I made sure that when looking at the menu I thought what would serve me

best towards my goals. As tempting as the mixed local fish dipped in beer

batter with triple fried home-made chips sounded….I

knew I’d be sorry after.

and hey – big wow…I’ve tried it before and I can try it again if

I REALLY want it. But I went for something healthier. I chose

a steamed pork mince lettuce wrap dish with a side order of

mixed veg and carrots.

AVOID anything fried, bettered, crispy etc

Think of your protein and what the side offering is.

Swap any chips etc for a big salad or a side of the vegetables

on offer.

I didn’t drink any alcohol.

There was no need as these would just be empty calories

and I wasn’t exactly celebrating of

letting my hair down with my friends.

and last night as a final ‘indian style’ top tip

I was out at a lovely indian restaurant.

I looked at the grilled section

of the menu and chose the

mixed grill.

There was a selection of meats

including chicken which

I had with a side salad.

(In fact, it defeated me and I left with

my mouth on fire and meat sweats – lol )

But I left the restaurant feeling good and

I still had a fab time laughing, chatting and

enjoying with my family.

Thats the important part!

The connection with those you want

to be sharing the experience with.

And today…


I hope these top tips help

you stay a bit more mindful

when you’re out and about

and you keep taking

those daily steps forward

towards your goals.

And if you want even more meal tips

and ideas...just click here

There a over 60 recipes for you

to choose from.

Your nutrition is so important

in helping you towards your goals,

to get the flatter stomach and help you

lose that overspill on

your jeans.


Keep fit & fab

Tara xx

P.S I’ve got questions coming in from you

thick and fast.¬†I’m loving it and I’ll be doing more videos

on my Facebook and YouTube for you so keep your eyes peeled.

^^ There’s recipes there for now to keep you going ^^

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  • October 1, 2015