The struggle is real. Here’s how to STOP going backwards - Tara Hammett

The struggle is real. Here’s how to STOP going backwards

Remember Peter Kay when he said about the girl who lost 14 stone in a day?

Slight exaggeration but you do often hear of people losing a huge amount of weight quickly,
and very often when they're following a very low calorie diet that will only end up to be a disaster in the end.

It can be easy to compare to results like this, especially when the lifestyle change option is taken which
results in losing slowly over time.

Check out this weeks podcast with Badger where we talk about

  • is losing 1lb per week normal?
  • how to stay committed to losing weight
  • Should you kick cravings before starting to eat healthy?

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That's all I've got for you today.

I'm off to jump around to 'What A Feeling'

I'm doing an 80's inspired aerobics session today

And if you're at the Rainbow Run in Swansea tomorrow - I'll be there doing the warm up so please do grab me and say hello!!

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  • April 27, 2018