The Sad Truth About Body Image

The Sad Truth About Body Image

Yesterday 81% of my followers said they think negative thoughts about their body and
within my group:

67% Thought negatively about their body ALL THE TIME
21% Some of the time
12% do think negatively, but they do think positive thought too.

It's so sad to think of the constant war going on in peoples minds over their body.

Like one of the girls said about instagram, "I've come off there as I couldn't cope with seeing the body beautiful photoshopped images making me feel worse about myself."

and one of the Life Taransformers who hated feeling like she was seeing stuff telling her how to get fixed when she wasn't broken.

Every day, believing the negative self talk and put downs resulting in anxiety, low mood, eating disorders and even depression.

I've felt it myself

I have done things to my body,
had my teeth done,
get my extensions done,
looked at myself in the mirror and said I should look better

and there's no harm in wanting to feel food and look nice, but with constant social media & marketing about body beautiful there's no wonder we feel under so much pressure and question why we aren't 'perfect'.

It's a very filtered world out there and even those we perceive as gorgeous and beautiful have their own mental battles and issues over self esteem.......that's why photos are so filtered.

The truth is, all those thoughts swimming around in our mind every day are false.

It's not true that anyone is a failure because they're not a size 8.
It's not true that anyone is unsuccessful because of the number on the scales
It's not true that anyone is useless because they can't stick to a 'diet'

Everyone I work with is on a mssion to feel better.

To lose weight
To drop a clothes size (or two)
To be happier

But whilst working on physical health with exercising and eating better, one big area to focus on is emotional health.

We need to learn to love and accept ourselves.

It doesn't mean we can want to change and to feel better, but right here, right now, feel & believe you are enough.

You are loved and you are beautiful.

Its time to stop hating & criticising
Feeling guilty
Stop the constant put downs and
as Angela put is once "My inner critic is a b**ch" << Don't listen to her!

Harmful thinking leads to harmful habits like emotional eating, drinking, excessive dieting, things that are making the situation worse.

We have a responsibility to our health by exercising regularly,
by eating a healthy balanced diets (which YES, includes your fave stuff)
and we also owe it to ourselves to be kinder and speak to ourselves like we would to someone we love.

So today I want you to think about some of the thoughts that do enter your mind.

Recognise them when they're there, then work on changing your thoughts.

Think about something that you're grateful for
Thank about something you love about your body

It has done some incredible things - give it some praise.

I'm not saying that you'll stop those thoughts..I don't think any of us ever will. But I do believe that we can recognise those thoughts, deal with them when they happen and remind ourselves of how gorgeous we really are.

So much time, days even, have been wasted and ruined because of feelings & emotions about body image. Life would be so much happier when you accept who you are right now and enjoy every single thing you do more than ever.

It's good to set yourself a goal that will make you feel better and healthier,
but (like so many of the Taransformation girls I've shared with you) do it on your terms.

Let's not argue with reality
Embrace yourself
Love Yourself
Challenge yourself and do it all on your terms.

  • March 6, 2018