The bloat has DISAPPEARED -

The bloat has DISAPPEARED

Kerry is Body Goals!!

The bloat has gone!

When she joined the Life Taransformer 12 week plan she had two big goals

She wanted to look and feel incredible on her wedding day in September and she
wanted to feel fit & gorgeous when she turned 40.

She was struggling and like many out there, she was actually training hard.

5 times a week,
Lots of classes but couldn't understand why she just was not losing weight.

When she applied it was May.
She knew she had to do something

Time was ticking...the wedding was only 4 months away

So rather than risk feeling disappointed, she knew that if she
didn't do something straight away and grab the opportunity to change she would only look back with regret.

So she applied for the plan
We got chatting
Kerry joined the Life Taransformer team and LOOK AT THAT BIKINI BODY.

No bloat like before!

"I struggled with structure before and focused too much on exercise which made me too bulky.
I now have a much better idea of what foods to eat and don't play with my emotions if I do have treats now and again"

What Kerry has now learned is you don't need to stress yourself out doing endless amounts of exercise everyday.

A healthy, balanced lifestyle is just that....Balanced.

Regular exercise - with regular rest.
Structure with good food - and no guilt about the treats.

Now she is in control of her emotions and doesn't obsess and as you can see - she's done amazing.

We've still got a few weeks in the plan and I KNOW Kerry will now look forward to wearing her beautiful dress and looking (and feeling) breath taking on her special day.

I'm sure Kerry is delighted she made to decision to invest in herself. She could not risk trying on her own and staying the same.

And right's opportunity time for you

Do you want to feel less bloated? I can show you EXACTLY how to do it - and stay that way!

APPLY NOW for the next Life Taransformer 12 week plan.

The next plan starts on Monday 30th July and you could be sharing your inspirational transformation in October. Feeling proud, fitter, happier and more confident.

Last night 2 awesome girls joined the plan. Angela and Gemma << YIPPEEEEE

I'll be chatting with more girls today who have applied.

There's only 18 spaces left at the mo and if you're thinking you need to be part of it - do what you know you should do today!

Tara Hammett