The Best Weight Loss Yet? - Tara Hammett

The Best Weight Loss Yet?


THAT is exactly what you could achieve if you joined me
in the Life TARAnsformer programme.

Just apply.

I’ll call you

We’ll chat about the BEST plan for you

I’ll help you change.

Like Emma.

Emma applied to get on the phone with me. We chatted about her current situation,
WHY she kept failing to lose weight and HOW I could help her.

She joined

(I’ll be honest, she was nervous…like you may be)

These are a few things she felt before we chatted:

Health-like an 80 year old on times
Lifestyle hard to put in to words, but I have no balance.

She didn’t like herself much.

But now???

I asked her so share some words so I could
let you know what she thought of the Life TARAnsformer programme:
“Omg soooooo much obviously the weight loss is amazing!
But it’s the whole package!!!!!
Tara & Louise have been fab and the support of the other girls are just the best ????
And the motivation & support has been amazing ????

Massive thanks to Tara and Lou
and I can’t believe the 12 weeks are almost over!

I honestly thought I’d never stick it !

But as soon as it all started the support was so overwhelming that I knew I just couldn’t let myself or anyone else on the program down ????????????????”
Are you in a place right now where you hate your body?

Would you share your pic right now? Maybe No…Emma wouldn’t.

In fact, in the beginning she fibbed about her starting weight because she was
too embarrassed to tell the truth.

None of that matters now, because she is CHUFFED that she’s going to be
wearing a bikini on her holiday in a few weeks.

Something she would NEVER have done before!!

You bikini ready?

Or would you rather lie about your weight because you’re embarrassed too and you
wish you were lighter, slimmer, healthier and more confident?

Apply Here

Actually ask yourself.


It’s free, you’ll get some inspiration and a little plan to
get you going.

Keep fit & fab
Tara xx

P.S Please tune in to Facebook at 7pm for my LIVE Video.

I’ll be chatting about anything you want to know about health & fitness, plus I’ll be

sharing with you my journey the last 16 weeks of being pregnant and dealing with

this life changing chapter of my life. Too exciting xxx

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  • July 21, 2016