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The BEST way to burn off CAKE

Don’t resist celebratory cake,

have a slice!

Did you see the INCREDIBLE creation

I had made for my other Half?

It was his birthday and he

LOVES Twix so I had a

MASSIVE one made for him.


Anyway…..I had to have two slices



That’s why.

I loved it.

The difference though between

having your cake and eating it then

everything being ok it THE PLAN.

Everytime I have an indulgence

Which is at least one a week.

I’m not boring robot girl.

I follow my rules.

I WILL train – so I did a lifting and jump rope

workout first thing.

I WILL only play with one devil – so I chose

the cake.

When we went to the restaurant

I didn’t have starchy carbs

(Bread, chips etc) because I wanted the chocolate.

I didn’t have alcohol

because I wanted the chocolate

So I had an amazing time in the restaurant with the

family. ordered a Salmon dish with an avocado &

mozzarella salad (Yum) and I drunk water.

Still had an amazing time, and then I had an extra

amazing time enjoying the cake.

That’s the difference between enjoying the

treats of life with no guilt or damage to your body goals

and not getting where you want.

Today……straight back on it and I’ve just finished recording

some new HIIT workouts for the inner circle, so

I’ve had a workout whilst working too and before

I go away on my holiday, I’ll be disciplined and committed all week.

Over the weekend did you do the same as me

or did you push it too far?

A bit too much indulgence and now

you’re gonna go extreme to pull it back and stay on the

yo-yo wagon?

Next up for me I’m prepping the

Life TARAnsformer Meeting, there’s some awesome questions I’m

gonna be answering including

* How to NOT get distracted when working towards your goals

* How to choose the healthier ‘Lifestyle’ change when all 

your friends are bragging about how much weight they’ve lost

in 9 days with a shake and pill diet

*How to find the motivation to exercise when you’re

so tired after work.

* How to stay on track when you’re having an emotional day,

all because of the weighing scales.

You have any questions you’d like to ask?

Email me back

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx
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PPS the workouts i’m filming are all here ^^^

Tara Hammett