The best smoothie on the PLANET! | Tara Hammett

The best smoothie on the PLANET!

It’s a fact that this smoothie is the BEST!

What to know why I feel to confident
with such a massooooooove claim…well
lets look at the facts…

1) For the health point…It’s got fresh beetroot, spinach and chia seeds in. Super
healthy but also hard to get everyone to eat. So – they’re in there and
you can NOT even taste them.

2) For the sweet point….It’s got strawberries in there. Sweet, juicy and gives you that
boosty, summer feeling.

3) For the indulgent point…It’s got cocoa in there. That’s right…

4) For the colour point….just look at it!! Pinky, red. So pretty! I know some people get
put off by green smoothies because of the colour. This is the supermodel of smoothies!

5) For the protein point…I’ve put scoop of protein powder in there… ‘Suns out, Guns out’ and
all that jazz…so this will make a brilliant meal or snack for on the go.

And here it is

Choco Berry

Choco Berry


1 Raw Beetroot
1 Handful Raw Spinach
1 Tbspn Chia Seeds
4-5 Fresh Strawberries
1 Tbspn 100% Cocoa
1 Scoop Whey Protein
1 Cup Coconut Milk
1 Cup Water

Pop all the ingredients in your blender, whizz it to your consistency and enjoy!

And for a bonus point, you’ll get nice pink lips after it!


Tara x

Tara Hammett